Definitions for "Instantiation"
The process of creating a Managed Object according to a Managed Object Class definition. source: ITU-T X.720 domain: Information Model usage: EU-P202
The process of allocating an object to memory at run time.
a notation for a list of propositions characterizing any member of the set as possible and denoting that instance, ¶5-1-4. I. e. d. contrasts with instantiation (inclusive disjunction).
Incorporating a macro or module into a top-level design. The instantiated module can be a LogiBLOX module, VHDL module, Verilog module, schematic module, state machine, or netlist.
Substitution of a variable by a non-variable.
is the process in Prolog of making a variable equal to a constant or giving it a value ( Callear, 1994 ).
A variable is instantiated if it is bound to a non-variable term; that is, to an atomic term or a compound term.
An identifiable occurrence or occasion of something; in the case of Dublin Core, a specific occurrence of an information resource.
the electronic or physical manifestation of a resource.
an operational artifact, not just a concept