Definitions for "ClaSS "
One session of formal instruction in which one or more teachers instruct a group on some subject. The class may be one of a course of classes, or a single special session.
A sociological concept used to differentiate between social groups (e.g., "upper class," "middle class," and "working class") stratified by differing amounts of wealth, prestige, and power.
A group of items that have the same icon, attributes, and behavior. Classes are organized into a hierarchy, in which each class inherits the attributes of its superior class, but may have additional attributes of its own.
A group of individuals ranked together as possessing common characteristics; as, the different classes of society; the educated class; the lower classes.
A comprehensive division of animate or inanimate objects, grouped together on account of their common characteristics, in any classification in natural science, and subdivided into orders, families, tribes, genera, etc.
To be grouped or classed.
The "occupation" of an adventurer. Typical classes are: warrior, thief, mage, priest, druid.
Professional archetypes. In D&D games, these would be warrior, healer, rogue and mage. The most typical class types are: close-range damage, ranged damage, healing, crowd control, support.
Your kind of character. There are four initial classes ( Warrior ,Thief ,Cleric ,Mage ). In multi you can choose your class again if you reach lev 60 and remort into 16 different kinds of classes (you`ll regain the abilities of your former class with your level) : Ancient Name Class combination SF Name(former classnames) Sorcerer (Mage/Mage) Conjurer Priest (Cleric/Cleric) Exorcist Assassin (Thief/Thief) Headhunter Knight (Warrior/Warrior) Captain Paladin (Warrior/Cleric) Preacher Warlord (Warrior/Mage) Slayer Fighter (Warrior/Thief) Sentinel Sage (Cleric/Mage) Seer Ranger (Cleric/Warrior) Pathfinder Druid (Cleric/Thief) LoneWolf Bard (Thief/Cleric) Historian Ninja (Thief/Mage) Sniper Rogue (Thief/Warrior) Spy Spellsword (Mage/Warrior) Sectarian Wizard (Mage/Cleric) Mystic Monk (Mage/Thief) Wrestler
A component of a course - for example, a particular lecture stream (see Lecture).
A series of classes make up a course. Classes usually meet once per week for two to four hours. Classes with studio or laboratory components may be longer. Classes may include lectures, studios, laboratories, seminars, etc.Some classes may be held in the field or at locations off campus. A weekly schedule of classes is usually given during the first meeting of the class in the form of a timetable.
Any teaching component of a subject, such as a lecture, tutorial, seminar or laboratory.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) as in RDF
(Ontology terminology) An abstract representation of a concept in a domain as a collection of related classes. For example, a medical model might have protocol, guidelines, and patient data as classes.
A single concept within a classification of knowledge.
the regularly scheduled meeting of an academic course; also a group of students whose graduation dates is the same - freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.
1st through 6th A first class cadet is a Junior College Sophomore, a 2nd class cadet is a Junior College Freshman. High School; Freshmen are 6th class, Sophomores 5th, Juniors 4th and Seniors 3rd.
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(Custom Area Signalling Service).
Custom Local Area Signaling Services. CLASS consists of number-translation services, such as call-forwarding and caller identification, available within a local exchange of Local Access and Transport Area (LATA).
Custom Local Area Signaling Services One of an identified group of network-provided enhanced services. A CLASS group for a given network usually includes several enhanced service offerings, such as incoming-call identification, call trace, call blocking, automatic return of the most recent incoming call, call redial, and selective forwarding and programming to permit distinctive ringing for incoming calls.
Class is a communist or Marxist used word indicating that rich and poor should war against each other. Nationalism rejects class in favor of brotherhood and fraternity of those who honestly toil. Working man is a better term (it is also in keeping with Nationalist ideology that women should be freed from the workplace altogether). Working People is an alternative, as is Common Man. Instead of upper class try more affluent, more fortunate or higher income (unless oppression or profiteering is a factor, then use would-be aristocrats, privileged and favored few).
When a dog strikes, tracks and trees honestly and admirably.
ClaSS is a complete student tracking, reporting, and information management system. It extends the reach of traditional school information systems by using the latest in Web application methodologies. It aims to be the ubiquitous classroom information assistant for schools.
ClaSS is a complete student tracking, reporting and information management system. The latest web-application methods allow the school community access. ClaSS aims to be the ubiquitous classroom information assistant for schools.
A number of students in a school or college, of the same standing, or pursuing the same studies.
The respiratory tract inhalation classification scheme developed in ICRP-30 for inhaled material according to its rate of clearance from the pulmonary region of the respiratory tract. Materials are classified as D (days), W (weeks), or Y (years), according to how fast they clear the lungs; Class D in less than 10 days; Class W in 10 to 100 days; Class Y in more than 100 days. Recent recommendations in ICRP Report 66 replaced classes D, W, and Y with lung absorption Types F (fast), M (moderate), and S (slow). See absorption types.
Also referred to as Lung Class or Inhalation Class. This refers to a classification scheme for inhaled material according to its rate of clearance from the pulmonary region of the lungs. Materials are classified as D, W, or Y, which apply to a range of clearance half-times. Class D (Days) are cleared in less than 10 days. Class W (Weeks) are cleared between 10 and 100 days and Class Y (Years) are cleared in greater than 100 days. Recent recommendations in International Commission on Radiological Protection Report #66 have replaced classes D, W, and Y with F (fast), M (moderate), and S (slow).
The British Class system is hard to explain, but impossible to ignore! Basically there are the Working Class, the Lower Middle Class, the Upper Middle Class, and the Aristocracy. Within each of these are a number of subtle sub-divisions. Class is determined by a number of things - the work you do, your accent, your address, and your ancestry. It has little or nothing to do with income. It was much more important in the 1930s than it is now.
Division of people by their economic, social, and political standing, such as upper class, middle class, and lower class.
in national society, a section of the population which has a similar social and economic status, e.g. working class, middle class, upper class, aristocracy
A set of pixels in a GIS or image file that represent areas that have the same attribute or share the same condition. Classification The process and operations used to assign pixels of a continuous raster image to predefined classes.
a set of pixels in a GIS file which represent areas that share some condition. Classes are usually formed through classification of a continuous raster layer.
A term which can be used to mean either a set of pixels considered to be similar or a rule to decide if a pixel belongs to the set. The definition of similarity varies with different classification algorithms and parameters. Generally both the rule and the pixels constitute a 'class'. The distinction is particularly important in those situations where the class is defined by training patches in the training region and then extended or 'extrapolated' to other areas.
All positions that are sufficiently similar as to kind and subject matter of work, level of difficulty or responsibilities and qualification requirements of the work to warrant the same treatment as to title, pay range, and other personnel characteristics.
(as in 3rd-class or 4th-class). A technical climbing difficulty rating.
A number that identifies the approximate size, value and difficulty of transporting each particular type of product. The class is needed to determine a price. You will need to know width, height, depth and weight for your shipment. The system estimates a class determined by the measurements you enter. Please contact a customer service representative during business hours to confirm class, as the automated class is only an estimate.
Category of division based on economic status; members of a class are theoretically assumed to possess similar cultural, political and economic characteristics and principles.
The competition category. i.e. Puppy Dogs 6-9 Months, Puppy Dogs 9-12 Months, Puppy Dogs 12-18 months, Open Dogs, Bred By Exhibitor, etc.
In the case of derivative products, options of the same type-put or call-with the same underlying security. See: Series. In general, refers to a category of assets such as: domestic equity, fixed income, etc.
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Each of the three player races have four classes associated with them, each with unique skills and abilities.
The grade of a race or a greyhound.
A horse which has raced adequately against better foes may find his way into the winner's circle, while a horse who has beaten inferior foes may find tougher horses not to its liking. A fairly reliable way of checking class is comparing the purses of the previous races and the present race.
An upper level of the information hierarchy describing growth form and broad structure of the vegetation. NVIS level I. Walker & Hopkins, 1990
tent.: through decomposition of its structural features, a class of tales is distingued from others
is a meteorites scientific designation into a particular type of specimen. (E.g. L6, EH5, Howardite, CO3.6, IIAB, etc)
See about scientific names.
Rank of a poker hand.
Type, as of a security. For options, puts and calls of the same security are considered different classes. see also asset classes, series, tier.
A composite type which can contain both data and subprograms, and which can participate in inheritance.
Large-scale grouping of people who share common economic resources, which strongly influence the types of lifestyle they can maintain.
The arbitrary social/economic designation given an inventory dependent upon the presence and amount of food service items. This designation is based on work of Barbara Carson, Ambitious Appetites, (Washington, DC: American Institute of Architects, 1990). Classifications are: elite, aspiring, decent, and old fashioned.
Year In Program (e.g. First-year Undergraduate).
Most people associate a 'class' with being a group of individuals who are learning together under the direction of a tutor. However, at university, the score you obtain for your undergraduate degree is ranked according to its 'class', which is divided into three tiers – from first to third class. The highest award you can achieve at undergraduate level is a First Class Honours degree.
In general, any set of things which can be distinguished from others on the basis of some quality or quantity.
(UML) Any "thing" in the enterprise that is to be represented in the database. class.php
a collection of persons or things (logic) sometimes used interchangeably with or instead of set, sometimes used (e.g. in NBG) for collections which are "too large" to be sets.
Since the re-structuring of the Italian university system the Ministry for Higher Education has classified, described and awarded all courses of study the status of "class". It is an attempt to ensure uniformity, in all respects, within a course of study, nationally.
A course scheduled into a semester, term, day, and period with a teacher and students assigned.
Enrolment: The process of selecting courses prior to final date for fee arrangement, having them approved and recorded with the Graduate Studies Office (GSO).
Cruises today offer one class of travel providing all passengers equal access to just about all shipboard areas and activities. There are, however, some cruise ships that provide concierge service, private lounges, or specific dining venues available to those passengers who choose more expensive accommodations.
Windows can be of class InputOnly or InputOutput.
Most creatures are either “animal” or “fantastic”. “Fantastic” creatures tend to be magical in either ability or origin, or fantastic in some other way. For example, humans are “animal” and orcs are “fantastic”. “Undead” and other creatures often have special benefits (and penalties) because of their class.
WBDOs are classified according to the strength of the epidemiologic and water-quality data implicating water as the source of the outbreak ( Table 1).
Participation Maryville College professors expect you to be an active learner and participate in class. Many will consider your class participation in your final grade. Check your syllabus.
Community Living Assistance and Support Services. A Medicaid waiver program that provides community-based services as an alternative to Intermediate Care Facility/Mental Retardation (ICF/MR VIII) institutional care for people with developmental disabilities other than mental retardation.
There are five classifications of felonies and three classification f misdemeanors. With the exception of murder in the first degree, all felonies in the Revised Criminal Code, in the old Title 39 and in titles other than Title 39 are classified. Each felony has an A, B, C, D, or E classification. "A" is the most serious and "E" is the least serious. Each misdemeanor has either an A, B, or C classification with "A" being most serious and "C" being least serious. Murder in the first degree carries three possible penalties: life (with the possibility of parole), life without parole, and death.
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for package synchroni ed
A high degree of elegance, in dress or behavior; the quality of bearing oneself with dignity, grace, and social adeptness.
Pesticides are divided into classes based on their chemical composition e.g., carbamates, organophosphates.
A gene or protein family/class refers to genes or proteins that have in common one or any number of characteristics such as sequence homology, biological function or mechanism of action, etc.
A rating assigned to products based on their value and shipping characteristics, e.g., density and how the freight is packaged. It is a system of seventeen classes, from class 50 to 500, which determines the rate.
The class of a world is an indication of its environment. Some worlds are barren and lifeless, making human habitation difficult; others are fertile and hospitable to life. The class of a world will affect different industries. For example, a barren world is not ideal for agriculture; an ocean world is poor in metals, etc. (see: World Classes).
One of the sections into which a church or congregation is divided, and which is under the supervision of a class leader.
Article I, section 3 of the Constitution requires the Senate to be divided into three classes for purposes of elections. Senators are elected to six-year terms, and every two years the members of one class—approximately one-third of the Senators—face election or reelection. Terms for Senators in Class I expire in 2007, Class II in 2009, and Class III in 2011.
Refers to a level of cleanliness in a cleanroom as measured by particles per cubic feet per minute.
Refers to the strength of concrete after 28 days e.g. class 40 describes concrete with strength of 40 Kn/mm2 (Kilonewtons per square meter) at 28 days.
Entity The subdivision(s) of a classification scheme and the concrete body of records corresponding to it (them).
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The level of classification of a problem. E.g., "Network".
The principal search mechanism in GAMS is based on a tree-structured taxonomy of mathematical and statistical problems. Each node in this tree is termed a problem class, and is designated by a tag, an alternating sequence of letters and numbers (e.g., D2b1). Each module in GAMS is assigned to one or more problem classes. To locate software GAMS users find a class that describes the problem they wish to solve and then view the modules with that classification.
Historically used to describe the a superior well rounded, overall performance. Nowadays, 'class' is often used interchangeably with 'style, and 'classy' often means the same as 'stylish.'
In D&D and some other games, it's a choice best described as your character's “occupation.” It determines your basic skills: fighting, spell-casting, stealth, etc. standard gaming notation for dice. The number in front of an expression like 4d6 indicates the number of dice thrown. The number after the d indicates which dice (in this case, normal 6-sided dice).
Community Living Assistance & Support Services Communicable Disease: Diseases that can be transmitted directly or indirectly from an infected individual, animal, or reservoir, to a susceptible host.
Class is a 1983 American movie that was directed by Lewis Carlino.
Common usage] "Class C Subnet" is a convenient shorthand for a network prefix of The "old" way of allocating sections of the TCP/IP address space see "Class A", etc. in "IP Addresses, Subnet Masks, and Subnetting, Part A," above.
Different classifications of a company's capital stock. Each separate class (i.e., common or preferred) will have specified rights designated in the company's certificate of incorporation and may also be divided into series.
Another term for “a tranche” as it relates to a CMO.
A class in education has a variety of related meanings.
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The third highest main level of classification. The Hummingbird is in the Class called "Aves."
A set; a kind or description, species or variety.
Registry element attribute that allows you to store additional descriptive information with a registry key or subkey.
Classes of securities are securities that share th... Add a comment
Each class of share has specific rights, usually contained in the Articles of Association or the documentation creating the shares. These relate to dividend, return of capital, voting and other similar rights. Any variation of class rights must be approved by resolutions at separate meetings of shareholders in that class (Section 125 Companies Act 1985).
Shares in a company/portfolio that have the same voting and dividend rights.
national insurance contributions are divided into four classes. The class you pay depends on whether you are an employee, are selfemployed or are paying voluntary contributions.
The class identifies whether the drug is used for either HUMAN, VETERINARY or DISINFECTANT use.
A collection of call delivery patterns that gives the flexibility to change delivery based on time of day.
The element in the heading of each Survey Report used by the agents to identify manuscripts and manuscript collections according to the cataloging system in use at each foreign repository.
collection to which some significance is attached
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Compare fare class, class of service.
In the Java programming language, source files (.java files) are compiled into class files which have a .class extension. Since Java is a platform-independent language, source code is compiled into bytecode, which it stores in a .class file. If a source file has more than one class, each class is compiled into a separate .class file.
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named booleans, typically denoting which changes to perform on a host. A typical example looks like: action: class:: [do stuff
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See widget class.
See "classification."
Used in metric, class is a material designation equivalent to the US term Grade (ex. Class 10.9). Also in US fasteners, a specification describing how tightly the fastener fits.
See 'Grade'.
There are different classes of amplifiers, depending on how the biasing of the amplifier circuit is done.
Classification society which has inspected and certified the vessel from construction, launch and periodically throughout a vessel''s trading life, including re-classification after any incident of grounding, stranding or collision.
Connecticut Library Association Support Staff A section of CLA.
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Address classes are used to identify networks of varying sizes. The class membership is specified in the first octet of the Internet address. There are five classes: A, B, C, D, and E.
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Second lowest wetland classification before modifiers are applied.
Class (when used in this sense of the word) is a term used to measure the skill or quality level of a particular individual or team. It is often used in sport competitions to enable the prediction as to which team or individual will be expected to beat another.
To divide into classes, as students; to form into, or place in, a class or classes.
Level reached by student after successfully completing specified number of credit hours.
Student status based on the amount of education completed.
A categorical listing of insurance coverage which an individual is placed into to determine eligible coverage under the policy.
exhibiting refinement and high character; as, a class act. Opposite of low-class
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See Device Setup Classes and Device Interface Classes.
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final long super while
To arrange in classes; to classify or refer to some class; as, to class words or passages.
In reference to the diameter of the pole.
A family of HIV medications. Each class of HIV medications attempts to stop HIV at a different point in its reproductive cycle.
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Score of 26
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Scheduled learning event that can take place at a centralized location or in a virtual environment.
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By creating classes in your style sheet, you will be able to specify the look and feel. You can apply one or more classes to HTML components. When the Web page is viewed by an Internet browser, the rules of the class gets applied to designated components.
none Optional Field that can be used by departments to more specifically identify Account. For example: use this code to indicate that an "office supplies" purchase was for colored paper rather than white paper.
Securities, the rights attaching to which are or will be identical and which form a single issue or series of issues.
A term used to refer to all put and call contracts on the same underlying security.
Typically the designation for office space.
classification of a corporation's securities based on their specific features
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class of securities.
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