Definitions for "Demons"
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Evil supernatural beings who serve Satan and work against humans. The word probably comes from the ancient word "da" which means "the knowing ones."
An evil, or inhuman spirit that are said to have the ability to enter your home via the Ouija board, it is claimed that in such cases a demon will attach itself to an individual and not the home and therefore will follow where ever that person goes, similar too but not to be confused with possession.
A term used to describe spirits that affect the lives of human beings.
exist in a wide variety. In general, they are horrifying creatures from other planes of existence. They range from some of the denizens of Hell to "ordinary" dimensional travelers.
The drum, bass, guitar, music, noise archetypes existing in the Vurt.
In the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, there are several creatures known as Demons. They call themselves Jarka Ruus, which means 'banished peoples'. These creatures were long ago sealed within the Forbidding, a realm of darkness where only the cursed dwell.
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"Demons" is the title of a Star Trek: Enterprise television episode from season four.
"Demons" is the twenty-third episode of the fourth season of The X-Files. Scully is concerned for Mulder's well-being when he suffers from a memory loss while investigating a case — and is the only suspect in a brutal double murder. Text taken from the Demons summary here.
(mo): Anything or anyone who serves as an obstacle to realizing your Buddha-nature. There are two types—internal and external demons. Internal demons are created by your own mind and are the most numerous and most difficult to expel. See " skandha-mara," Shurangama Sutra.
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Demons is an album by the Swedish stoner rock band Spiritual Beggars. It was released in Japan in March 2005 and in Europe in 2005-06-20.
Life-forms thought to be mutated by way of the Cataclysm; extremely dangerous, thought to be completely mad without ability to reason.
impious beings who do not follow the instructions of the Lord.
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a very fun movie