Definitions for "Mana"
Originally a term for a magical force that supposedly resides inside living and inanimate matter. Mana is used in gaming as a magic resource; when characters capable of performing magic cast a spell, magic points (mana) are drained (often, they are automatically replenished over time). In some games, such as the StarCraft series, the term energy is used instead.
determines how easy magic is to use in a particular area. It can vary with geography, time, or activity. In its most common conception mana is viewed as "powering" magic (much like electricity powers modern technology), but it can also be viewed as the "weakness" of reality in a specific area. Some systems a lot different types of mana to different types of mages. Mana ranges through the following: nonexistent, low, standard, high, powerful, and extreme! As there's no cross-genre or cross-system way to measure mana, any estimate that makes sense for your game is appropriate. In GURPS, Mana is both mana rating and added spell fatigue from powerstones and the like. In Storyteller, mana is the inverse of paradox and gauntlet.
mana: Hawaiian term for "vital force" or "prana."
the Melanesian name for the world of spirit.
receptacle; spirit; primordial highest spirit.
Maori term signifying a sense of identity, pride and strength of spirit.
Midwives Alliance of North America - An advocacy group made up of and representing midwives dedicated to ensuring the availability of midwifery care.
Midwives Alliance of North America. This is a professional organization much like the ACNM, providing support for midwives, promoting the profession of midwifery and setting educational and professional guidelines. However, while membership in the ACNM is limited to CNMs/CMs only, MANA is open to all midwives: CNMs/CMs, CPMs and lay midwives.
Mana is one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Jimma Zone, Mana is bordered on the south by Seka Chekorsa, on the west by Gomma, on the north by Limmu Kosa, and on the east by Kersa. The woreda capital is Yebu.
Guitarist for Malice Mizer. After the break-up of the band, Mana started to work on a new music project called Moi dix Mois. Mana is a very famous figure in the visual scene; he is also popular for his gothic lolita image. [ official site
an authenthic rustic country house situated in the famous area of Venta Baja, Alcaucin, Malaga
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Mana is a Montenegrin singer.
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Traditional authority held by Hapu or Iwi over their communities, lands, waterways and the environment.
Reflector of the mental vibration as they float to the surface, form the depths of the chit. Thus Mana or mind is said to preside at the council table and presents the picture whenever necessary to the intellect.
Nepalese measure, approximately 750cm.
weight measurement; one mana is 10 handfuls, approx 400 grams
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The act of being under one of the mana rewards which are crafted from the hero quest
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