Definitions for "Occult"
There is no generally accepted meaning for this term. The term has been used to refer to such unrelated topics as astrology, palm reading, the Masonic Order, Satanism, tarot card reading, New Age Spirituality and Wicca. Some definitions include: A group of mostly unrelated spiritual and/or magical activities, the detailed knowledge of which is kept secret from the general public. A set of mostly unrelated divination and/or spiritual practices or activities which are not part of a person's faith or of any large world religion. An activity which involves elements of divination, evil sorcery, magic and/or supernaturally gained concrete experiences or truths. Conservative usage: Satanism the core element of the occult; most of the remaining occult groups are either forms of Satanism or are recruiting groups for Satanism. All Occultic groups are anti-Christian. Rituals are based on demonic powers and fakery. Heavy metal rock music, fantasy role games etc. are often considered occult pastimes .
supernatural forces and events and beings collectively; "She doesn't believe in the supernatural"
having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding; "mysterious symbols"; "the mystical style of Blake"; "occult lore"; "the secret learning of the ancients"
To eclipse; to hide from sight.
cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention; "The Sun eclipses the moon today"; "Planets and stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies"
hide from view; "The lids were occulting her eyes"
Not manifest or detectable by clinical methods alone, and not present in macroscopic amounts, such as occult blood in a stool specimen.
disease or systems not readily detectable by physical exam
Detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis, as a minute blood sample
Sometimes a secondary tumor is found, but no primary tumor can be found, in spite of extensive tests. Doctors refer to the primary tumor as unknown or occult.
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occult practices and techniques; "he is a student of the occult"
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Of or relating to Occultism (see below).