Definitions for "test"
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A cupel or cupelling hearth in which precious metals are melted for trial and refinement.
Examination or trial by the cupel; hence, any critical examination or decisive trial; as, to put a man's assertions to a test.
Means of trial; as, absence is a test of love.
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A set of questions to be answered or problems to be solved, used as a means to measure a person's knowledge, aptitude, skill, intelligence, etc.; in school settings, synonymous with examination or exam; as, an intelligence test. Also used attributively; as a test score, test results.
To administer a test{8} to (someone) for the purpose of ascertaining a person's knowledge or skill; especially, in academic settings, to determine how well a student has learned the subject matter of a course of instruction.
Devices, procedures or sets of items that are used to measure ability, skill, understanding, knowledge or achievement (Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors, 1995)
a colloidal gold-antibody complex based immunoassay designed for the qualitative determination of human carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in serum or plasma
a functional assay
an automated assay with little in the way of analytic variance
The outer integument of a seed; the episperm, or spermoderm.
outer protective 'coat' or covering of ascidians; also, the skeleton of echinoids and other echinoderms.
a hard outer covering as of some amoebas and sea urchins
The external hard or firm covering of many invertebrate animals.
the hard exoskeleton of small animals.
shell, or external hard part, of a protozoan.
a lab simulation, Consumer Reports puts the cars on the streets and measures the fuel consumed to more accurately reflect gas mileage
an authentic simulation of a housing transaction used to compare the treatment of one home seeker to another to determine if there are violations of fair housing laws
a realistic simulation of human traction, but because it is done by machine it eliminates the element of human variability
a breast cancer risk assessment tool that, when combined with current screening and detection methods, such as mammography, may improve your physician's decision making as it relates
a good tool, it is not a perfect tool, and by combining it with a DRE, we can significantly increase the likelihood of detecting abnormalities, including cancer," said Durado Brooks, MD, director of prostate and colon cancer control for the ACS
a great research tool
a prerequisite for applying to XIMB's PGPRM course
a prerequisite to determining which presumption is "founded on the weightier considerations of policy and logic
A measuring device or procedure, 6-8
a medical procedure that involves testing a sample of blood, urine, or other substance from the body
an attractive hiring procedure
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(Korn/Bash builtin) provides many options to check files, strings, and numeric values. Often denoted by [ (left bracket).
a check on the emissions from the exhaust system
The process of checking the outputs of a project against a predetermined set of agreed criteria.
Any procedure design ed to obtain, verify, or provide data for the evaluation of a system, service or product. [D03701] RMW discipline in the software-engineering process whose purpose is to integrate and test the system. [D04781] RUP
a measuring instrument for evaluating and documenting those outcomes
a way of evaluating a person by answering a series of
That with which anything is compared for proof of its genuineness; a touchstone; a standard.
To put to the proof; to prove the truth, genuineness, or quality of by experiment, or by some principle or standard; to try; as, to test the soundness of a principle; to test the validity of an argument.
a function of no arguments
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a radioimmunoassay
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A computer system or discrete part of a computer system (made up of hardware, system software and documentation) which is used to build releases for operational acceptance testing.
test is a symbolic link to the most recent release which has passed basic tests, such as running the full reconstruction on a small number of events. The reconstruction coordinator determines which release this should point to. Not all latest releases will become test releases. Reference Link (
a family history of coronary heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and strokes at an earlier age than non-diabetic subjects
a recent development, says Wen, is to "trivialize the other advances made in pathogen detection both using amplified and non-amplified DNA technology, especially those developed by companies other than Digene Corporation
a safe and effective aid in detection of Prostate Disease
A standardized instrument for measuring individual behavioral characteristics, to enable conclusions to be drawn with regard to traits or behavior in other situations.
A sample from a population to estimate characteristics of the population.
show a certain characteristic when tested; "He tested positive for HIV"
an act passed in the Scots parliament, 1681, which was practically a repudiation of the Covenant, and an acknowledgement that the king was supreme in all causes "as well ecclesiastical as civil."
an excellent example of how scientists can work well with owners and breeders
1/4ìÑé well-trained
a set of structured tasks given in a standard way
a simple task which can be done during normal inoculations
a task, or set of tasks, designed to measure a sample of behaviour
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a little more sensitive than the EMIT, and harder to beat
a sensitive but not very specific marker of CD
a sensitive but not very specific marker of celiac disease
Any of a half dozen methods of measuring appeal of a premium in advance of a promotion. Frequently done by personal interviews, sometimes by a mail ballot or split-run newspaper advertising.
a measure against which a claim can be established
a measurement of blood Proteins known as IgG that may help in diagnosing chronic cases
a valuable clinical method for the detection of bacterial overgrowth' especially in cases where hydrogen production alone fails to reveal CSBS
a valuable radiator of information
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The AKC designation wherein a hound must run two times under two separate judges at two separate events over a course not less than 600 yards and which has a minimum of four turns. The hound must complete the course with enthusiasm and without interruption.
a fair and final judge
Test - A term used in technical analysis for price movement when it approaches...
Technical analysis term for a price when it approaches a support or resistance level, to see whether it will break through that level. see also quick ratio, back testing.
a novel approach to screening for this cancer
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a feast of knowledge, not doomsday
determine the presence or properties of (a substance)
a method of determining the effectiveness of a volatile corrosion inhibitor
(1) Impact – A test made to determine the resistance of metals to failure by sudden shock load. (See ASTM E23.) (2) Tension – A test to determine one or more of the following: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and reduction of area. (See ASTM E8.)
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a snapshot in time, and children change from day to day, from month to month
a snapshot of the knowledge at that time, period
an uplifting poem for a friend who may be feeling overwhelmed and unprepared
Keywords:  prelude, biopsy
a prelude to biopsy
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A test is defined in the Threshold Test Ban Treaty as either a single underground nuclear explosion conducted at a test site, or two or more underground nuclear explosions conducted within an area delineated by a circle having a diameter of two kilometers and conducted within a total period of time not to exceed 0.1 second. est Range Complex An area that includes both the Nevada Test Site and the adjacent Government-controlled Nellis Air Force Range.
a great opportunity to explore your heritage beyond the time of written records
an opportunity to make discoveries about your ancestry
An opportunity to bypass the subsequent penalty mandatory by correctly completing a designated double mandatory in one throw, released from behind the test line.
The process of finding hidden errors in a program after the visible logic errors have been eliminated.
a simple step to eliminate that source of error
Fourth step in program development to ensure that the program runs correctly and is error-free; sample data is used that is valid and invalid to check for correct results. 12.13-15
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(abbr) : testament.
Keywords:  perata, oakland, cheap, way, easy
an easy way to do that
a very cheap way to get by," said Perata, D-Oakland
an activity designed to assess quality of a component. As applied to documents, tests consist of critical reviews. As applied to software, tests are specific cases executed to verify a requirement or uncover an error. process of checking that systems or modules meet client requirements and function within necessary settings.
a sequence of actions which is carried out the industrial product to verify whether it reacts in conformity with a design speci cation
The process used to verify the health of a specific application or device (e.g., a Process test tracks the health of all processes executing on a server)
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a pleasure to behold
a form of insurance against paternity fraud for duped dads
a disease called Wegener's granulomatosis
A "workspace" category used for building models and templates for proposed category reorganizations. Test/ categories are not accessible by the general public, and are not included in the RDF dump. Related terms: RDF, Test/Editors See also: Test/ category description
Discriminative characteristic; standard of judgment; ground of admission or exclusion.
Judgment; distinction; discrimination.
a judgment about a particular event of behavior
a sympathomimetic amine, which is easily wiped off
a controlled scientific experiment
a scientific process that can ensure positive identity
Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms
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(see wireline test).
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a first class match played between two full international teams over five days, usually as part of a series of three, five or six matches
the name typically used for matches between two national teams. The match can also be called an international.
A match between two national teams.
The process of exercising a product to identify differences between expected and actual behavior.
a single occasion, unidimensional, timed exercise, usually in multiple choice or short answer form
The process of exercising the product to identify differences between expected and actual results and performance. Typically testing is bottom-up: unit test, integration test, system test, and acceptance test.
A test message, usually posted by newbies. Test messages should only be sent to newsgroups specifically designed for this purpose, such as misc.test. Warning: put "Ignore" in your test message's subject or body, unless you want lots of automatically generated response mail.
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A test photoshoot usually paid for by the model to test different looks and start building their books with photos.
When a model does a test shoot it is purely for her book. Testing is vital to build up your book, and so the clients can see your ability to work, it also gives you experience. Models are not paid to test, they have to pay a photographer to test with them.
a comparison of an expectation with an observation
an ideal for any vehicle, but it especially favors hybrids and probably sets up too high an expectation," Boyd says
a cultural/political fusion that defies categorization
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trading pattern trendline
The word test is so widely used in an ambiguous manner as to be undefinable. Always ask for further information.
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thank think
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See Regression Testing.
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a necessary and defining step to deal with the public health and public fear problems associated with "mad cow disease" and it will help lead to a solution
core process workflow in the software-engineering process whose purpose is to integrate and test the system.
(1) A discipline in the software-engineering process whose purpose is to integrate and test the system. (2) . an instance of a given test case. To execute a test.
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See: tubal embryo stage transfer
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A computer system used for development and testing or for ad hoc inquiries. Contrast with a system used to do an organization's daily work.
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a great first step in formulating your own personal prevention plan
a great leap forward
Keywords:  revolutionary, non, new
a revolutionary new non
Keywords:  witness
A witness.
Keywords:  try, can't, boots, virus, quantity
a virus No virus--I was just trying to set up my normal identity which is boots and can't figure it out
An order that is placed for a small quantity of names from a list to try it out. If it performs well a continuation order for a larger quantity is usually placed.
a new, simple, non-invasive method for accurate diagnosis of H
a simple blood
the most formal kind of self-report, which is normally highly quantitative in nature with the subject's responses being tightly controlled.
a pretty formal occasion, but is not a competition
a total and complete failure if the prosecutor intended to find something that would be useful
Testing the product for defects.
a verification and validation technique consisting of the controlled execution of a work product under specified conditions in the attempt to cause one or more failures that can lead to the identification and elimination of previously unknown underlying defects.
Period of time in which a number of cases are completed for analysis and management decisions as to whether or not a particular project or program is viable.
Keywords:  fry, drawing, saved, pattern, follow
a drawing that has been saved and can be used as a pattern that someone has to fry and follow
When a list is being used for the first time by a mailer. Compare to continuation.
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a process to ensure that standards are met.
a new patent-pending process
Keywords:  ahead, science, media, consumers, get
a case in point of how the media and consumers can get ahead of the science
a difficult experience through which a person's true values, commitments and beliefs are revealed
a mapping from the set of all instances of the underlying example language to a finite set of possible results
Keywords:  regulatory, weak, policy, result
a result of a weak regulatory policy
The introduction of a new product to a small market in order to observe consumer reactions.
Keywords:  nothing, want, means, number, you
a number that can be given any meaning you want, it means nothing
Keywords:  rhythm, muscle, heart, normal, allow
a normal heart rhythm and allow the heart muscle
an individual comparison to be made between a security-relevant condition on a node and a limit in the relevant policy
Keywords:  violation, law
a violation of law
Keywords:  idea, good
a very good idea
Test exposure on one camera, no taping or disk transfer
a lot less expensive and much less harmful then treatment
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(abbreviation) testament.
Instrument or technique used to obtain information (usually a score) about an attribute of a person or object
Activity that can be performed by housing managers or residents, for example test power points using a power point tester available from electrical and major hardware stores.
Keywords:  statistics, recorded, work, unit
a unit of work against which statistics are recorded
Keywords:  quantity, list, specific, names
A specific quantity of names from a list.
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Definition: test Also See: Acidity
Keywords:  paper, words, piece
a piece of paper with words on it
an object that produces values for a given attribute, given members of O
Keywords:  action, result
an action and a result
Keywords:  number
test number2
To make a testament, or will.
made a will
this is a test