Definitions for "Daily"
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Happening, or belonging to, each successive day; diurnal; as, daily labor; a daily bulletin.
Every day; day by day; as, a thing happens daily.
A newspaper published at least five consecutive days of the week.
Generic term for the House of Commons Order Paper, the first (top) section of the Vote Bundle which details the day's business within the House of Commons. Printed on Sovereign Wove, Bench Copies will also be produced.
The document-now more commonly found in electronic than in paper form - that provides insurer and agent with a quick reference to all pertinent information relative to a contract of insurance
A type of limit orders, which is valid till the execution or during one trading session (one trading day)
A publication which appears regularly every day; as, the morning dailies.
gradually and progressively; "his health weakened day by day"
an inexpensive and effective way to support bone health
a way of cutting out the negativity so that it cannot enter your life
a safe level of supplementation for women during pregnancy
a collection of news stories and Congressional activities related to issues of interest to members of the National Water Resources Association
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Coat and/or eyes, wrinkles Tell me more
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without missing a day; "he stops by daily"