Definitions for "Women"
Women is a 1978 novel written by Charles Bukowski, starring his semi-autobiographical character Henry Chinaski. In contrast to Factotum, Post Office and Ham on Rye, Women is centered around Chinaski's later life, as a celebrated poet and writer, not as a dead-end lowlife. It does however feature the same constant carousel of women with whom Chinaski only finds temporary fulfillment.
They are finally getting some respect (not to mention specialized models) from the various athletic shoe manufacturers. Back in the Baby Boomer days, they invariably wore Keds (or something like them) to gym class; except for the one or two rebels who wore high-top Chucks instead. Famous women athletes include (but are not limited to) Brandi Chastain, Cynthia Cooper, and Sheryl Swoopes. They take their workouts seriously.... if you whistle or yell " Cute Pink Chucks!" you may get your brains realigned with the flat side of a barbell plate
Deserving of special protection, uplifting, devotion and care, especially as bearers of children, wives and homemakers.
a beautiful creature
a truely unique creature
a object of concealment, thus when she emerges, Satan surreptitiously pursues her (and lays in wait to create his fitna for immorality)
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a human being unto her own rights to happiness and she is the only one, THE ONLY ONE, who can decide what she does with her own body
Adult female human beings. Items linked to this NZFVC Topic Area aim to cover all aspects of family violence in relation to women.
a relationship in thermal equilibrium aSian scHOoL girLs asian latina lesbians of works
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a born survivor just like a man
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a good investment"' and the Italian American Production "An East Side Story"
Economic, cultural and professional activities for women.
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an automated process and results may vary
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Women includes what we called Women (general), Women's role and Women's status.
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a reflection of her man
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pl. of Woman.