Definitions for "LATINA"
Latina is a person with Spanish background. Often used by females.
Images of attractive women (or men) of Mediterranean or South American origin. Lingerie - Women in sexy panties, bras and suspenders - and usually removing same. Includes fetish sites showing girls in bikinis, G-strings, thongs, T-backs, granny's old bloomers etc.
Refers to people of Latin American origin. An emerging inclusive term for people from North America, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. The term refers to a shared cultural heritage (Black, Native American, Spanish), a history of colonization by Spain, and a common language, Spanish. Latino has regional and academic support and seems to be preferred on the East and West Coasts. Hispanic is considered an alternate term by many. Those who prefer to be known as Latino say that the word was coined to express the common historical and political factors listed above, and that Hispanic merely reflects usage of a European-based language. Latina is the feminine form of this word. See Chicano/Chicana, Hispanic, Mexican American, Tejano/Tejana.
Latina is one of the districts of Madrid. Its name comes from Beatriz Galindo La Latina. It comprises several blocks: Los Cármenes, Puerta del Ángel, Lucero, Aluche, Campamento, Cuatro Vientos and Las Águilas.
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