Definitions for "Accessories"
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An additional feature or extra item which is added to a basic car, like Music system, clock etc.
Includes antennas, batteries, hands-free kits, car kits, cases and belt clips, etc. They're used to add fun and productivity to your mobile phone.
an importer of rechargeable batteries and chargers throughout the USA
Objects in a photograph other than the sitter, e.g., hats, canes, curtains, chairs, etc.
articles added to complete or enhance an outfit of apparel, such as belts, hats, jewelry, shoes, gloves, and scarves.
a wholesale supplier of handmade fashion jewelry designed and handcrafted in
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Accessories are things like pull-out hampers, fold-out ironing boards, pull-down knife racks, spice racks, wine racks, stemware holders, china dish rack, and etc. Whatever your imagination can conceive, we probably have an accessories for it.
Additional equipment which can be installed on the vehicle by the dealer at a cost, eg. bull bars, roof carrier.
Towel racks, soap dishes and other items specifically designed for use in the bath.
Complimetary objects such as pictures, mirros, vases, lamps, and decorative pieces.
Arts & Photography | Audio CDs | Audiocassettes | Bargain Books | Biographies & Memoirs
small objects and decorative pieces including vases, plants, books, and lamps
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Various products and tools commonly used by the stamp collector, including hinges, mounts, stamp tongs, perforation gauges, stock books and magnifiers. Stamp albums, catalogues and philatelic literature can also be regarded as accessories.
The tools used by stamp collectors, such as tongs, hinges, etc.
Any or all materials supplementing the collecting of stamps, such as albums, tweezers, hinges, and watermark detectors.
Supplemental parts of the cabinet referred to as bells and whistles. Any nonessential component such as rollouts, pullouts, tilt-outs, hardware, etc.
Something nonessential but desirable, which contributes to an effect or result; an accessory must knowingly promote and contribute to the crime. In other words, she or he must aid or encourage the offense deliberately, not accidentally.
Mechanical devices, such as cable clamps and jackscrews, added to connectors to make up the total connector configuration.
Mechanical devices, such as cable clamps, added to connector shells and other such ardware which is attachable to connectors to make up the total connector configuration.
The various accoutrements that come packaged with, and are intended for use by, an action figure. Superman's cape is an accessory; a Star Wars Freeze Frame slide is not.
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Buttons | Jacket | Lapel | Shirts | Slacks | Vest
Any article used or carried by the subject of the entry other than weaponry or transportation.
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Steel building products that are not included as part of the basic steel building system are called accessories. Accessories commonly include components such as doors, windows, canopies, vents, and other components.
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A variety of tools that may be used in conjunction with cleaning machines and equipment. For example: a dusting tool with a wet/dry vacuum.
This illustrates the monthly cost of a chosen extra which can be added to the specification of a vehicle.