Definitions for "Shoes"
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"Shoes" is a song performed by Canadian singer Shania Twain. It was the first single released from the Desperate Housewives Soundtrack in 2005. The song was written by Twain and her husband, Mutt Lange, and co-written by Tammy Hyler, Joie Scott and Kim Tribble.
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Shoes is an American power pop band, formed in Zion, Illinois in 1974 by brothers John and Jeff Murphy, and Gary Klebe and incorporated several different drummers over the years including Barry Shumaker, Skip Meyer, Ric Menck, John Richardson, and Jeff Hunter. Shoes' biggest hit was "Tomorrow Night" from the album Present Tense. The big radio hit in Chicago, their home town essentially, was "Too Late" in 1980 from the same album.
Sliders must wear special shoes with zipperss, so that the foot straightens out when the zipper is closed. There are also regulations for the insole and heel of the shoe.
Shoes were made of silk fabrics, worsteds, or leathers. Depending on current fashions, they may or may not have had elevated heels. They would fasten by buckles, clasps or, if very utilitarian they might have ties.
High-top shoes (covering the ankle) must be worn by a kart driver. Even though special karting shoes are offered, many drivers wear either high-top running shoes or wrestling shoes. The sole should be thin, so that your feeling-sensitivity is not reduced. Abresion resistant shoes are recommended.
Phuket is home to a large Western ex-pat population and receives plenty of tourists, so shoe sizes are usually bigger than you’ll find in the rest of Thailand with the exception of Bangkok. New, modern and excellent quality shoes can be found in Central Department Store (Central Festival). Cheap, trendy shoes can be found at markets and roadside stalls near beaches.
The piece of the boat to which the rower's feet are attached, either by tying their actual shoes (sneakers) in, or by puttingtheir feet into a permanently-attached pair of sneaker.
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specially made and available, but not mandatory. Shoes should be flat-soled and clean and should grip the ice well for walking. In a typical game, a curler walks about two miles.
Made of synthetic material, each shoe may have a maximum of eight spikes on the base of the shoe. The spikes may not be longer than 7 millimetres and 2 millimetres in diameter.
a journey through the greatest sporting achievements of the last fifty years
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Another term used for a Wiper die.
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a particular situation; "If you were in my place what would you do?"