Definitions for "Mandatory"
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Containing a command; preceptive; directory.
Obligatory; compulsory; required by authority.
Compulsory (guidance) but not required by law.
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Same as Mandatary.
State participation in the Medicaid program is voluntary. However, if a state elects to participate, as all do, the state must at a minimum offer coverage for certain services to certain populations. These eligibility groups and services are referred to as [email protected] in order to distinguish them from the eligibility groups and services that a state may, at its option, cover with federal Medicaid matching funds.
When people have to join a mainstream Medicaid health plan or an HIV SNP.
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a scanner or similar device that can tell you knock retard, timing, fueling (BPW), oxygen sensor values, and air flow rate (MAP or MAF or Both)
Not optional; not able to be modified or disregarded; as, seven mandatory clauses in the contract.
a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they ar able to stand by themselves
An attribute that must be filled in to adequately to identify, locate and manage the main components of the database and information transfer. Bolton, 1992
"In a relationship, a constraint that a particular relationship must have at least one successor."
Spending that has already been promised, either to individuals, or as entitlements, or through other types of obligations, such as interest on the federal debt.
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the recipient of a mandate
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An object or objects that the disc must pass in a designated manner on its way to the hole. A mandatory functions to limit the legal path the disc may take to the hole.
A mandatory unit is a unit which must be taken by all students on a particular programme of study. Units which are mandatory for students on some programmes may be optional for students on others.