Definitions for "Relationship"
Keywords:  tuple, thing, entity, semantic, linkage
the type of link specified between tables in a relational database.
logic al connection between two activities. [D01620] WST logic al or natural association between two or more things; relevance of one to another; connection. [D01621] VPM 19 A semantic connection among model element s. Examples of relationships include association s and generalization [D04874] RUP
A reference or link between one object and one or more other objects. Relationships may be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many. They may connect objects of the same class or different classes. In Objectivity/DB, relationships are persistent objects that are stored in the database.
a friendship only when it is reciprocal
a friendship you have with a person that's more than just a friendship
an ongoing negotiation of fairness, trust, friendship, alignment, and reciprocity
The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance.
a close partnership that continually evolves through mutual cooperation, common goals, and respect
an equal partnership
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One of the five elements of movement in dance. Refers to with whom or what the body is moving. Includes: grouping--apart, connected; solo, duet, ensemble; formations (e.g., circle, diamond, flock, free-form) relationship between or among dancers--side-by-side, supported, near, far, roles (e.g., gender, age) interactions--leading, following, mirroring; unison, contrast; meeting, parting; action, reaction moving in relationship with props (e.g., chair, hat, umbrella)
a joining of two loving and equal individuals
a journey of self-discovery and must begin with self-love and self-acceptance
defined in terms of genealogy--common ancestral species. Two species are more closely related to one another than to a third species if they share a more recent common ancestor that either does with the third. These two taxa are considered as sister groups.
(In cladistics) Meaning either ancestor-descendant or collateral (sister/cousins relationships)
a business arrangement
a choice, or rather a commitment
a choice that two or more people make towards a common goal because of their feelings towards each other
a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection); "he didn't want his wife to know of the relationship"
a great emotional investment
an exchange of ideas, emotions and information
a constant cycle of creation
a cycle of life and death, much like everything else
a sort of heavenly bliss, above everything common
A relation between people; ("relationship" is often used where "relation" would serve, as in "the relationship between inflation and unemployment", but the preferred usage of "relationship" is for human relations or states of relatedness); "the relationship between mothers and their children".
a virtual bi-directional pointer between objects with arbitrary cardinality
An element of movement; movement in relation to people or objects.
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a puzzle with no clue to it
a bonus, as you always say
a mirror where you see a reflection of yourself -- the good and the bad
a problem if it is sub-optimal for you, or if it is pathological for you
Keywords:  distraction
a distraction
a story you can struck together and take up residence in, a story as sheltering as a house
a story you construct together and take up residence in, a story , a sheltering as a house
a compromise, but it isn't a tightrope act
a series of compromises - all yours
a series of exchanges
a treasure to be cherished,fragile like fine china which must be handled with care
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a long term goal of mine but I'm not in any rush
a REWARD, it is NOT a goal to seek
The interaction a person has with another person.
The state of being connected by blood or marriage; akin
The connection or link between one person and another e.g. family friend, father.
a knitted or crocheted fabric, not a cotton ball (well actually after a while it is like a cotton ball too because in a cotton ball is a tangle of individualized fibers that seem to stick together organically)
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a daily chore, it must be worked on daily
Relationships are used to define views This can include parent-child relationships, as well as weaker many-to-many relationships. Relationships use attributes to create filters based on contextual information. For instance, to find equipment at the user's default location, or job plans for the selected work order. More Information
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a livable set of agreements
Keywords:  slate, clean
a clean slate
a lot like a negotiation
a lot more complex than making baskets
a lot more satisfying than participating or observing a sport
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a joining of company on the path towards a higher understanding of reality, whether with a wife, or just a good friend
a path of self exploration
a spiritual path
a bond of acceptance an understanding of compatibility and an act of selflessness toward the other
Keywords:  honesty, judgment, place, partner, free
a place for honesty and openness
a place where each partner can feel completely and totally free with each other without judgment
a living, breathing interperson device
a process in which we must have patience before it reaches its maturity level
an implicit or explicit agreement to have continued conversations in the future
a work in progress and to be successful it must continually be negotiated to benefit both of you
a forum for sharing information and expertise, not for asserting or relinquishing authority
a unit, is sharing
a frequent and important topic
an important part in a persons life,but it can be affected by many external factors
an important step and should never be assumed or taken lightly
a mystery that is created stroke by stroke like a painting on a canvas
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an alternative to your dream
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a process," she advises
Keywords:  privilege, maintenance, high
a high maintenance privilege
Keywords:  ship
a relating-ship
Keywords:  way, street, better, great, debt
a great way to go into debt
a much better way to build a company
a not a one-way street
Keywords:  ideal, school, process
an ideal school for this process
Keywords:  deal, package
a package deal
Keywords:  boundary, wall
a boundary wall
a space where technologies more often than not do not determine outcomes
Keywords:  matter, trust
a matter of trust
a process that flows from the promises--and only the promises--of each individual
Keywords:  construction
a construction
Keywords:  lower
a lower state
Keywords:  job, full, time
a full-time job
Keywords:  investment
an investment
Keywords:  growth, process
a growth process
a powerful method for organizing your data