Definitions for "Breathing"
Respiration; the act of inhaling and exhaling air.
Air in gentle motion.
Any gentle influence or operation; inspiration; as, the breathings of the Spirit.
From a dynamic noise-reduction system: audible changes in the level of background hiss in accordance with changes in signal volume. See "pumping."
An audible change in the level of background noise with varying audio levels. Most often used to describe an undesirable characteristic of companding systems. A faster, somewhat more noticeable form is called pumping.
Also known as "pumping", which is produced by an unwanted audible increase and decrease of background noise that sometimes occurs with audio compression.
Aspiration; secret prayer.
Also, in a wider sense, the sound caused by the friction of the outgoing breath in the throat, mouth, etc., when the glottis is wide open; aspiration; the sound expressed by the letter h.
A mark to indicate aspiration or its absence. See Rough breathing, Smooth breathing, below.
A popular criterion among the bio-ignorant for the existence of a new individual human life, often held up as gospel truth (it actually has some Biblical basis) in spite of its biological insignificance. SECTION: C
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See Diaphragmatic Breathing.
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"Breathing" was the first single to be released from Never For Ever by Kate Bush, the single was released four months before the album was released.
The non-desired action of a die member moving away from the force applied.
Breathing refers to when a lens' optics change the apparent focal length slightly when shifting the mechanical focus. Some (often more expensive) lenses are designed to lessen the degree this effect. Lens breathing does not prevent one from racking focus or following focus with this lens, but it lessens the desirability of any type of focus adjustment, since it noticeably changes the perspective and composition of the shot.
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Stop; pause; delay.
Utterance; communication or publicity by words.
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Breathing place; vent.
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This is a physical process of taking in oxygen and breathing back out carbon dioxide. Back to top of the page