Definitions for "Pumping"
1) The exaggeration of abrupt signal-amplitude changes, often due to the malfunctioning of a companding (compressing/expanding) noise-reduction system. 2) Audible fluctuations of background noise in the playback phase of compansion. 3) Large, spurious subsonic motions of a woofer cone, usually due to analog-disc warps or marginal LF stability in the power amplifier.
Is the reversal of flow within a dynamic compressor that takes place when the capacity being handled is reduced to a point where insufficient pressure is being generated to maintain flow. Also known as surge. ( 030)
Undesirable and objectionable gain or background noise level changes in a companding system. A slower, somewhat less noticeable form is called breathing.
(of Pavements) The ejection of a mixture of water and solid materials such as clay or silt along cracks, transverse or longitudinal joints, and along pavement edges caused by downward slab movement due to the passage of heavy loads, machinery or equipment over the pavement after free water has accumulated in or on the subbase, subgrade or basecourse.
The ejection of saturated bedding and joint sand, through joints or cracks or along edges of pavers when a load is applied.
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Pumping, when referring to computer systems, is simply how many times per clock cycle data is being transmitted. Early types of system memory (RAM), such as SDRAM, transmitted data on only the peaks of the cycles. With the advent of double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM or DDR SDRAM, the data was transmitted on both the peak and the trough of the cycle.
Addition of energy (thermal, electrical, or optical) into the atomic population of the laser medium, necessary to produce a state of population inversion.
in a laser, the process of supplying energy to the active medium in order to get an inverted population
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Using a vacuum pump to inflate the size of one's penis. There are ongoing arguments as to whether this method is safe or effective; with caution pumping is relatively safe. However, this method alone will likely not result in any permanent gains. Members only Pumper's Forum. Q-Z
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When the surf is really going off. Grab your tool and head for the beach
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The act of taking repeated drags on a cigarette.
The action of an oscillator that provides cyclic inputs to an oscillating reaction device.
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_ To draw water from a river.
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The process to raise atoms from lower level to upper level is called pumping.
a. & n. from pump.