Definitions for "Proximity Effect"
When cartioid microphones are placed very close to the sound source, a boosting of the bass frequencies occurs which is known as the proximity effect.
The phenomena where the sound picked up by a directional microphone has a bass boost that is caused when the source of sound is within a few inches. Vocal mics have a bass "roll off" to compensate for this.
A bass boost that occurs with single-D directional mics at... ( more)
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Copper loss that is above and beyond normal DC current losses, caused by localized magnetic fields in a coil interfering with the field produced by adjacent turns. That is, in a coil of wire consisting of several turns, current flowing through each turn can create local magnetic fields that can interfere with the field produced by a neighbor turn. The effect is more pronounced the higher the operating frequency gets. Interleaving primary turns and secondary turns in alternating layers can reduce this effect.
deleterious effect in e-beam lithography; scattering of electrons in irradiated resist; p.e. is responsible for the size of the exposed resist area being larger than the diameter of the incident electron beam; limits resolution of e-beam lithography.
Proximity Effect is comic was written by Scott Tucker and Aron Coleite. Penciled by David Nakayama. This OGN saw its first two issues published online, with the third available only as part of the trade paperback.
The redistribution of current in a conductor brought about by the proximity of another conductor.