Definitions for "driver"
A loudspeaker. In live sound applications, drivers are generally divided into two types: cone drivers ("speakers") and compression drivers ("horn drivers"). For some reason, piezo tweeters are usually not referred to as "drivers."
A single transducer that converts electrical energy into acoustical energy. Usually consists of a magnet and diaphragm that produces sound.
The actual speaker unit inside a loudspeaker cabinet.
A program that controls peripheral hardware devices, such as a printer or modem.
A software routine that controls or regulates a hardware device.
A driver is software that works to communicate between an operating system and a peripheral. Think of it as a translator. If you use a crappy driver, your...
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A wooden-headed golf club with a long shaft, for playing the longest strokes.
Refers to the longest club in your bag, otherwidse calle "no 1 wood", which is generally used to tee off.
A club that is often used from the tee. A driver is the he farthest hitting club. Also know as a one wood.
The person who sits in the front of the bobsleigh and steers. Usually the first person to enter the sled at the start.
The race team member who steers and throttles the boat.
The front person in the bobsled, who's responsible for steering. The essential job of the driver is to maintain the straightest possible line down the course by minimizing rocking and skidding in the curves.
The after sail in a ship or bark, being a fore-and-aft sail attached to a gaff; a spanker.
A large sail suspended from the mizen yard in light winds.
Sometimes used for the spanker, sometimes for a studdingsail-like addition to the spanker, but in either case, the aftermost sail in a ship.
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A routine library that exposes the functions in the ODBC API. Drivers are specific to a single DBMS.
a DLL that implements ODBC function calls and interacts with a data source
See ODBC driver.
The person who drives beasts or a carriage; a coachman; a charioteer, etc.; hence, also, one who controls the movements of a any vehicle.
Français : CONDUCTEUR, Chauffeur Deutsch : FAHRER(IN), Fahrpersonal An EMPLOYEE whose usual work is to drive a public transport vehicle. See also : Crew
1) A person who operates a motorized vehicle. If more than one person drives on a single trip, the person who drives the most miles is classified as the principal driver. 2) An occupant of a vehicle who is in physical control of a motor vehicle in transport or, for an out of-control vehicle, an occupant who was in control until control was lost. (FHWA3) (NHTSA3)
Driver is a series of mission-based driving video games for Play Station, Play Station 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and PC. Developed by Reflections Interactive, it was originally published by GT Interactive, and is now published by Atari. There have been four installments released, the latest on March 14, 2006.
Driver is an upcoming film based on the former Atari and now Ubisoft video game franchise Driver.
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The driving wheel of a locomotive.
This term usually refers to the person behind the wheel of a moving car. In ...
One of the large wheels which drive any machine or apparatus.
Drivers are used to provide amplification to drive high current loads. The term is often used to denote bus drivers that rapidly charge and discharge capacitance. It also refers to the ability to control power, such as when driving a solenoid or other high-current device. In the analogue world, it is used to ensure that the transmitted signal is passing without attenuation to the final destination. Frequently, you may need several drivers on one board.
The final stage of amplification.
An attachment to a lathe, spindle, or face plate to turn a carrier.
A crossbar on a grinding mill spindle to drive the upper stone.
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A mallet.
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a module that uses a specific interface that allows applications to perform read, write, and other file-oriented operations
a set of instructions for operating a specific component, such as a mouse, a hard drive or a GPU
a set of instructions that identifies what a particular component is and how it works
A person driving a harness horse in a race.
The person holding a licence or permit to drive harness horses. There are different types of licences, which correspond to differing levels of experience.
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a code routine within Exim that has specific knowedge about a message-related task, for example, writing to a local inbox
a non-pushable module and a stream head includes a non-pushable module
a required component in STREAMS (except in a STREAMS-based pipe mechanism), and is physically identical to a module
a generally short file used to declare and instantiate the modules of a DTD. A good rule of thumb is that a DTD driver contains no markup declarations that comprise any part of the document model itself.
Transistorized switch typically used with an SCR system to energize the coils of contactors.
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A tamping iron.
Voltage IC mounted on the display, which provides the voltage to each row and column (do not confuse with the controller IC).
The component of the compiler that retains control throughout the entire compilation process.
The name given to the person who controls the operation of the locomotive. Called the "Engineer" in the USA end elsewhere. Drivers in the UK received no special training as mechanics beyond what they picked up as they went along, and hence were not always very knowledegeable about the workings of their engines.
A comparative or competitive advantage that generates economic profit.
a novice until such time as he wins three first places in the Pleasure Driving Division in a Shetland rated competition
The term driver is the name given to the apparatus that produces the required laser or ion beams and which directs them at the fuel pellet in an inertial confinement fusion reactor chamber.
a need of a stakeholder for which there is a relatively unlimited appetitive over the foreseeable performance range
a variation of many moves that involves an opponent being driven down between the legs of an attacker (who is dropping to a seated position) on the back of his/her neck/shoulder area
a weighted pipe that slides over the pipe being driven and is repeatedly dropped on it
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An overseer of a gang of slaves or gang of convicts at their work.
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a song by They Might Be Giants on their album John Henry
The most crucial submodality in a given context; changing it automatically changes many other submodalities, and “drives” the response.
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CHA4 Name of Driver.
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A cooper's hammer for driving on barrel hoops.
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One who, or that which, drives; the person or thing that urges or compels anything else to move onward.
A broad term for any force causing change, whether brought about by persons, organizations, or PINCHASTEM conditions.
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a must in a country that has recently been a target for terrorism
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a basic set of CNET NETWORKS, Inc
A circuit that supplies an input to another circuit, and (usually) provides a level boost, impedance matching, or isolation.
A driver is an independently determined parameter known to influence one or more of an activity's metrics. (see input measures).
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A block with one or more angular surfaces that applies force by the vertical movement of the press to mating angular surfaces on a cam slide.
A part that transmits motion to another part by contact with it, or through an intermediate relatively movable part, as a gear which drives another, or a lever which moves another through a link, etc. Specifically:
Internal part of the tool that drives fastener.
a business manager (or business-oriented IT manager) who spearheads the project on behalf of the sponsor
A player who specializes in gaining an offensive advantage through quick, explosive swimming from the perimeter position towards the goal.
The major external driving forces that have large-scale influences on natural systems. Drivers can be natural forces or anthropogenic.
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The part of the TV tuning that screws up all the rest of the picture when you barely touch it
Individual who drives either equipment or passenger trucks, typically between location shootings, sets, and the studio.
a manager who disregards others, even though they may not be aware of their behavior
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The person who sits in a hydro and drives it.
the person driving.
person who is making the most bets
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a data type which can drive a load
An internal macro that provides extra drive capability, extra current and can handle extra loads. A driver macro typically has lower valued k-factors and therefore can drive more loads at less time delay penalty than a standard macro. The k-factors may be balanced.
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A player, usually a fast swimmer, whose main task is to move the ball into goal-scoring position.
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a member of the team, unifying and directing its day-to-day activities
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An implement used for driving;
Electronics used to power illumination sources. Ballast.
an alternative implementation of Linux sound support
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an activity, pure and simple
a set of functions that allow audio to be played on a particular platform (i
a set of standard service functions
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shipping agent
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a closed binary
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a person who usually is more concerned with the bottom-line
An aspect of a business that effects a change on another aspect of the business....