Definitions for "Spanker"
Keywords:  gaff, mizzen, fore, aft, aftermost
The after sail of a ship or bark, being a fore-and-aft sail attached to a boom and gaff; -- sometimes called driver. See Illust. under Sail.
A gaff-rigged sail set on a mizzen mast
A fore-and-aft sail, set with a gaff and boom at the aftermost part of a ship.
headsail set beside and to windward of a spinnaker when running downwind.
a hitter who slaps (usually another person) with an open hand; "someone slapped me on the back and I turned to see who the slapper was"; "my father was the designated spanker in our family"
Keywords:  whopper, stout, tall, larger, something
Something very large, or larger than common; a whopper, as a stout or tall person.
Keywords:  strides, quick, walking, horse, fast
One who takes long, quick strides in walking; also, a fast horse.
Keywords:  anything, instrument, one
One who spanks, or anything used as an instrument for spanking.
Keywords:  coin, small
A small coin.