Definitions for "Coin "
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A piece of metal on which certain characters are stamped by government authority, making it legally current as money; -- much used in a collective sense.
To make of a definite fineness, and convert into coins, as a mass of metal; to mint; to manufacture; as, to coin silver dollars; to coin a medal.
To acquire rapidly, as money; to make.
n. a disk-shaped token marked with a suit symbol (in associated color) on one side and a value (in black) on the other; there is one coin for each value and suit combination in a piecepack, for a total of 24 coins
a symbol of the two sides to any choice
a symbol of wealth, and all to often we have judged people by their wealth and not who they are
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(co-in) counterinsurgency
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Generally, any coin that you find brings good luck. A coin with a leap year date is especially lucky and a coin with your birth date on it is dynamite. However, if a coin, with any date, was cursed and deliberately left in your path by an enemy, it can bring bad luck.
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Payphone Surcharge
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Coin is an implementation of Open Inventor. Open Inventor is the de facto standard API for retained-mode 3D graphics programming. Open Inventor has a highly extensible design, and has been designed to allow for rapid development of highly interactive 3D graphics applications in the fields of CAD, engineering, scientific computing, simulation, VRML, and visualization.
an actor because it can mobilize a network of heterogeneous allies to do things, to store and exchange value
PROTRADE "coin" is the currency used to buy and sell athletes within your portfolio and the value by which portfolios are measured.
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To make or fabricate; to invent; to originate; as, to coin a word.
of phrases or words
to invent new words
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A quoin; a corner or external angle; a wedge. See Coigne, and Quoin.
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ASL Browser
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Open end, center seam die cut envelope small standard size.
Small Catalog envelope.
small envelopes opened on the short side
Counter-Insurgency (e.g. COIN Ops = Counter-Insurgency Operations)
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a certain percentage of a dollar
By 1830, COIN, PURE COIN, DOLLAR, STANDARD, PREMIUM or the letters or were used to indicate 900/1000 parts of silver. (Some lesser amounts such as .800 were also considered coin).
Silver made by melting down coins in the early 19th century (900/1,000 parts silver, 100 parts copper).
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That which serves for payment or recompense.
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Mech - The mechanism in which coins pass through and are accounted for.
an on-the-spot impact award that just says, "Thanks, and job well done
Christians On the INternet. An ever-so-friendly UK user group that is well worth joining and who helped publish this book :-)
a duplicate of another when it agrees with it in all particulars but those of exact size and weight
(or cn): A unit of weight and treasure in the some role-playing game rules. (D&D 1)
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an object which may be seen and felt and even heard if one tests the ring of it
Keywords:  adhesion, underlying, finish, test, way
a way to test the adhesion of the finish to the underlying surface
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a co inside, where you can't make head or tail out of it
The Costing and Information Project - managed together with AIMS during the duration of the AIMS Project.
Short for coin pay phone. Special instructions may be provided for replacing the directories attached to coin pay phones.
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an example of an exclusive property