Definitions for "Chasing"
The art of ornamenting metal by means of chasing tools; also, a piece of ornamental work produced in this way.
A very decorative engraving with intricate detail performed by a highly skilled craftsmen.
Process of removing all metal seams, gates, and channels from a bronze sculpture after it has been released from the foundry mold.
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This is the term used to describe a need to keep gambling, in the hope that the person gambling might make up for lost bets.
An attempt made by a gambler to make up for the previous losses by making larger bets.
Staying in a round of betting when you are unlikely to have the best hand but are hoping for a community card that will make your hand good.
The pursuit of the bird in an uncontrolled manner.
Keywords:  waiting, flush, dealt, hand, card
Waiting for a card to be dealt that will complete your hand.
paying to see an extra card waiting for one or two cards to make a better hand - usually a straight or flush
1: Abandoning a defense position to run after an enemy, usually an enemy who has your flag (it actually works out better, most of the time, if you let him get away because by the time you get back into place someone will have already taken the flag again.) 2: When you're on offense and you break away from trying to get to the flag to chase and kill someone. In short, chasing's not a good idea. You can still fight people off, but don't chase them.