Definitions for "Tooling"
Set of required standard or special tools needed to produce a particular part; includes jigs, fixtures, gages and cutting tools, but excluding machined tools.
It refers to a set of special tools required to produce a particular part. It includes jigs, fixtures, gages and cutting tools but not machined tools.
Usually modular systems that use clips, bolts and special accessories to accurately and immovably attach a tool (e.g. electrode) or workpiece to a machine tool (e.g. electric discharge machining or milling machine) in the required position.
Shaping hot glass into a desired form using a tool, such as pliers, mashers, or patterned stamps to make an impression.
Decorative tracing on a leather binding.
The impression in gilt or blind on the binding.
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Squeezing or pressing soft glass with tools, while rotated on a pontil or blow pipe.
Refers not only to cutting dies but also other mechanicals such as cylinders, sheeters, blades, punches, etc.
The parts of an extrusion press that are changed to produce a specific shape. Tools include dies and mandrels, and various supporting parts.
Tooling refers to the actual mold(s) used to create a plastic model. Sometimes tooling may be modified to correct errors in the original tooling or to add different or extra parts when a kit is reissued.
The specific components in contact with the plastic that form the closure.
Tooling is another name for both the process of creating the molds and other tools necessary for producing parts and the actual molds. Beware of companies that charge a "non-recurring tooling charge" or "one-time engineering fee" without explicitly stating that ownership of the tool is retained by the customer, you might have to remake the tool(mold) if you decide you want someone else to produce the plastic parts.
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Compressing and shaping the face of a mortar joint with a special tool other than a trowel.
Finishing of stone masonry in which tool marks are visible in a pattern.
Shaping a masonry joint with a special tool to create a desired look. see tooled joint.
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Top Grain Torii Gate
Intentionally make use of the blocker's hands, i.e. you hit the block and the ball goes out of bounds.
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What the rest of the world calls studying. For some reason, at MIT it's called tooling. As in I can't flame right now I have to tool.
General name given to several related techniques of working vegetable-tanned leather to create effects of low-relief: carving, stamping, embossing, etc.
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Usually refers to die cutters, butt cutters, etc., used to cut out the labels.
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The processes and/or costs of setting up to manufacture a run of pcbs for the first time.
Process of making metallic tools which are used in the injection moulding process.
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an all round engineering company
See engineering: PHOTO TOOLING.
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Work performed with a tool.
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Tool Making