Definitions for "REGRIND"
Thermoplastic that has been processed once, then is placed in a grinder to be shredded/pelletized for re-molding. In injection molding, runners etc. are often re-ground. No thermoplastic can be successfully reground and remolded indefinitely; eventually the molecular bond begins to break down and the plastic is no longer usable.
or re-grind - Polystyrene material that is mechanically ground up to form smaller particles.
A thermoplastic from a processor's own production that, having been processed by molding, extrusion, etc., is then reground or pelletized for reuse or recycling.
Term used when a worn camshaft is reprofiled to the same profile or modified to a different profile. To achieve this the bulk of the shaft may need undercutting to keep the base circle above the shaft diameter.
A machining process done to crankshafts and cams which restores the wear surfaces to correct specs. When this has been done to a crankshaft, you must ensure you get replacement bearings with the correct I.D. to ensure a proper fit.