Definitions for "Lost Wax Casting"
Keywords:  wax, molten, plaster, poured, encased
The process of carving a custom wax, and pouring precious metal to occupy that space, creating that Family Heirloom
a one-time reproduction process in which a wax object is impressed into sand or surrounded with a special refractory plaster to make a mold. Molten metal is then poured into the sand or plaster mold, displacing and burning the wax.
A process of casting wherein a wax model is encased in an investment, which is agitated mechanically or put into a vacuum to remove air bubbles. After the wax is burned off in an oven, a cavity remains, which is filled with molten metal through an opening. The investment is broken away from the hardened metal, which is then ready for polishing or ornamentation. For large scale production, numerous identical wax models are made by pouring molten wax into a rubber mold.