Definitions for "Riser"
Keywords:  tread, stair, stairway, seabed, upright
Any small upright face, as of a seat, platform, veranda, or the like.
A shaft excavated from below upward.
A single vertical increment of a stair; the vertical face between two treads in a stair.
Keywords:  bow, archer, lath, bend, centre
Thick, non-bending centre section of bow or lath
The handle of the bow. The side facing the target is called the back. The side near the string (closest to the archer) is called the belly.
This is the center part of the bow. This is where the archer holds the bow to draw bow back. Also known as the handle.
A feed head. See under Feed, n.
Reservoir of molten metal from which casting feeds as it shrinks during solidification.
a hole or void created in the mold that will also fill with molten metal
The steel or plastic conduit strapped to a pole that encloses the underground cable to the overhead lines.
a power line pole that connects an overhead system to an underground system
a set of devices that connects an overhead line to an underground line
Keywords:  harp, screws, lampshade, sill, brass
Raises a shade 1/2 inch to 2 inches for decorative appearance. Used instead of a layer harp.
Threaded brass rod that screws into the top of a harp to raise the lampshade
A term which describes the part of an adjustable sill which can be moved up or down by turning adjusting screws.
1.Display unit within or atop a showcase for creating tiers of merchandise. 2.One display placed atop another to create multiple levels of larger items. Photo Photo
Box-like shelf added to table or counter to form tiers.
A shelf that extends above the normal top shelf to give a higher profile.
connects the lines to the harness. There are four risers on a parachute - a front and rear on both the left and right shoulders. The risers can be used to perform turns, although the usual method is to use the steering toggles located on the rear risers.
Bar that connects the fork to the handlebars
manifold connecting the subsea wellhead to the surface.
Keywords:  doens't, slot, expansion, pcbs, isa
A board with expansion slots that is designed to connect to the main PCB and holds additional PCBs or ISA cards.
A device that is an add from another card, takes up an expansion slot however doens't plug directly into the motherboard.
Risers give easy access to a septic system without disturbing the soil above the tank. To eliminate the time and nuisance of digging down to access the covers, risers can be installed. The riser(s) should be secure to prevent accidental entry into the tank, and should also be watertight to prevent groundwater from entering the riser cavity, which may cause the tank to flood.
A business object framework that binds objects and ui while managing the minutia like persistence allowing you to program in a strictly object oriented way. Riser accomplishes this by bringing the best tools available into one comprehensive framework.
Keywords:  sprinkler, head
a sprinkler head
Keywords:  manhole, cone, grade, bring, ring
A thin ring located between the frame and cone of a manhole. Used to bring the frame and cover final grade. Commonly, several riser are present in a manhole.
Keywords:  nozzle, shrub, fixture, glossary, cycle
A fixture, usually used in shrub areas, on which a nozzle is attached. Risers do not move up and down at the beginning and end of the watering cycle. Back to glossary index.
Plastic piece under the base of the truck to raise it for better wheel clearance. Often used with larger wheels.
The structural component fixed to the bottom of the stationary sash in a horizontal sliding window.
A series of hall stations for an elevator or group of elevators
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a person who rises (especially from bed); "he's usually a late riser"
Keywords:  early, one
One who rises; as, an early riser.