Definitions for "Pipe "
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The peeping whistle, call, or note of a bird.
A boatswain's whistle, used to call the crew to their duties; also, the sound of it.
To play on a pipe, fife, flute, or other tubular wind instrument of music.
A small bowl with a hollow stem, -- used in smoking tobacco, and, sometimes, other substances.
To become hollow in the process of solodifying; -- said of an ingot, as of steel.
When used to describe a defect in a metal this term is used either to indicate: (i) The central cavity formed by contraction during soldifiation in the top of ingot stock or (ii) An imperfection seen in wrought material resulting from this cavity.
A passageway for the air in speaking and breathing; the windpipe, or one of its divisions.
a colloquial term for an intrusive body of magmatic rock which has the three dimensional shape of a cylinder, pipe, or cone
an intrusive body that has a three-dimensional vertical shape of a cylinder or a cone.
An elongated body or vein of ore.
A cask usually containing two hogsheads, or 126 wine gallons; also, the quantity which it contains.
From the Portuguese "pipa", this is the traditional large, elongated barrel used in producing port as well as madeira.
Pipe helps you write, test, and debug shell scripts quickly while using your favorite text editor. You can filter text through your scripts and see the script source, input, and output simultaneously. Pipe also provides a system-wide service so you can feed text from any application through your scripts.
A connection between the output of one program and the input of another. e.g. ls more, takes the output of ``ls'' (a list of files), and displays it one screen at a time with the more program.
(1) (n.) The software connection between two programs.(2) (n.) The UNIX® operator (|) that makes the output of one command or program into the input of another. (3) (v.) To make the output of one command or program into the input of another.
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To force a food (typically frosting or whipped cream) through a pastry tip to use as a decoration or garnish, or to shape dough, such as that for éclairs.
decorate food using a pastry bag and tip, usually icing on a cake.
To squeeze icing or other soft food through a pastry bag to make a design or decorative edible edging.
A wind instrument of music, consisting of a tube or tubes of straw, reed, wood, or metal; any tube which produces musical sounds; as, a shepherd's pipe; the pipe of an organ.
Any long tube or hollow body of wood, metal, earthenware, or the like: especially, one used as a conductor of water, steam, gas, etc.
(different types of) ABS - acrylonitrile buradine styrene Cast Iron Copper Galvanized (steel) PVC - polyvinyl chloride
Robert Conroy 10- 01 Ellipsoid; Solar Collector; Greenhouse; 1/5 Compound city ?? country
Conroy, Robert Ellipsoid; Solar Collector; Greenhouse; 1/5 Compound; 1998 city? ?? USA T___, Mark 6.7 meter (22'); 1996 city? -- England
Same as a STREAMS-based pipe.
a linear array of bytes, as is a file, but it is used solely as an I/O stream, and it is unidirectional
an uninterpreted stream of information that can be used to pass information between programs, files, or peripheral devices
a logical component that represents an association between an endpoint on the USB device and software on the host
a logical connection between the host and endpoint(s)
a software association between an endpoint and a USB device driver
(Class A) Miners term for Belemnite. See Belemnite. Back
Cigar-shaped, opalised fossil of a belemnite.
(Jargon Rating= 2) Built with snow, a pipe is a vertical U-shaped structure used in freestyle snowboarding. Like a skateboarding halfpipe, riders use the opposing walls to get air and perform tricks as they travel down the fall line of the slope.
Short for Half Pipe; a man made valley like feature with steep sides that enable a rider to get air to perform multiple tricks Rail
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The pipe is the goalpost, and if you hit a puck "between the pipes" you score a goal
goal post.
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(all pipe wrenches with teeth to grip round surfaces have to make some provision for jaw movement to avoid "locking" -- getting stuck on the work )
a piece of wood with a piece of hard black rubber stuck in it
Keywords:  lucknow, bagpipe
The bagpipe; as, the pipes of Lucknow.
(n.) A communication primitive which involves the transmission of information through a linearly connected subset of the nodes of a parallel computer.
A collection of image processing elements that are connected together sequentially through which image data flows. The image processing elements on a Datacube pipeline processor can be configured together in different ways to create different pipes which perform different sets of image processing operations.
a connection between the client and the remote procedure that exists for the duration of the remote procedure call
Pipe that does not contain any line junctures (metallurgical welds) resulting from the method of manufacture. This product may be produced by extruding or by drawing, using either die-and-mandrel or hot-piercer processes. (Typically used for fluid-carrying applications under pressure.)
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2 pipes woad = 1 ton. Shilling.
Stars worn by Captains and Lieutenants as their badge, a name for a passing ailment, usually mental despondency.
Pipe describes a number of musical instruments, historically referring to perforated wind instruments. The word is an onomotopoeia, and comes from the tone which can resemble that of a bird chirping.
A roll formerly used in the English exchequer, otherwise called the Great Roll, on which were taken down the accounts of debts to the king; -- so called because put together like a pipe.
a slang term, used commonly among English-speaking electrical engineers, for any conduit that carries telecommunications services
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PIPE, or "Pipe Isn't Pretty Encryption", is an encrypted chat client/server pair using 1024 bit RSA encryption to establish 256 bit AES encrypted sessions. It is a quick, reliable, and secure means of communication over unsecure networks.
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a great Idea because the ciggarettes don't last long enough to keep the black fies away while setting up
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The djembe's lower section attached to the bowl of the drum. Also called stem or neck. Click here for image.
an alternative available to publicly traded companies that need to raise money but don't want to go through the complexity of selling shares through a secondary offering
an investment by a private equity fund in a publicly traded company, usually at a discount
a standard navigational delimiter, look across the bottom of countless second and third generation websites who use it in their list style navigation
a communication channel created in a particular process, an end of which may be passed to descendants of that process
a communications channel between two applications
an abstract communication channel that is not tied to any particular peer
Renders the visual data, contained in the viewing frustum, to a window.
A mechanism that allows memory contents to be moved or shared between progams. The process is called piping.
Keywords:  flues, stops, organ
the flues and stops on a pipe organ
Keywords:  skirt, trim
trim with piping; "pipe the skirt"
an Appliance Repair Technician position
Keywords:  buffer, interface, read, written, acts
A device that acts as an interface or buffer between applications & devices.
a form of buffer that can be written to and read from
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
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a vertical bar character which is above the enter key on your keyboard
Another name for high bar.
A term commonly used to refer to a men's high bar.
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an Organizational Power
Keywords:  widget, actor, thus, carry, actions
a Widget, so it's an Actor and can thus carry Actions
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play on a pipe; "pipe a tune"
Keywords:  furnish, engine, static, dynamic, equip
To furnish or equip with pipes; as, to pipe an engine, or a building.
a static change to an engine that operates in a dynamic world
Keywords:  acoustic, dimensional, space, one
a one-dimensional acoustic space
to carry water from one place to another
an area of memory used by one process to pass information to another
a 'virtual file pointer' that is established within one process, and terminates in another process
a pair of file descriptors, one for writing to and one for reading from
Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education
Keywords:  connector, chip, wires, legs, male
1: Any of the legs on a chip. 2: Any of the wires projecting from a male connector.
purchase of discounted shares in a public company in which payment goes directly to the company rather than to existing shareholders.
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a useful tool to refine search queries
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A grouping of traffic defined by conditions (rules) and actions that owns sub‑groupings called Virtual Channels.
Keywords:  voice, sound, key
The key or sound of the voice.
Keywords:  extra, optional
an optional extra
an alternative way for public companies to raise capital
a generic term, which generally refers to the graphics components on the system
Keywords:  source, point, example
an example of a point source
Keywords:  common, example, file
a common example of a file that does not
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See Line, Pipe.