Definitions for "Bidirectional"
A microphone pickup pattern with two opposing lobes of high sensitivity. Also called "figure-8".
A microphone pickup pattern with two primary areas of sensitivity. Typically, in a figure-eight pattern.
Microphone pickup pattern whereby sound is absorbed equally from two sides only.
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A writing system in which text is generally flush right and most characters are written from right to left, but some text is written left-to-right as well. Arabic and Hebrew are the only bidirectional writing systems in current use.
Languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Yiddish whose general flow of text proceeds horizontally from right to left, but numbers, English, and other left-to-right language text are written from left to right.
in the bar code marking of silicon wafers, refers to a bar code that can be read successfully in either scanning direction, right to left or left to right.
operating in both directions; bidirectional APS allows protection switching to be initiated by either end of the line
Going in two directions.
Mode that is capable of transmitting data in both directions but not at the same time. In some cases this mode is required by printers. Show related articles
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Used to describe a port (usually a parallel port) that allows two-way communication between the computer and the attached device.
See shared port.
Referring to the interaction or consideration of both the illumination angle and the viewing angle of observed surface reflectance. Illumination and viewing angles affect the reflectance values recorded by a sensor.