Definitions for "Duplex "
organized so that data may be transmitted in two opposite directions over the same channel; -- of communications channels, such as data transfer lines between computers.
To arrange, as a telegraph line, so that two messages may be transmitted simultaneously; to equip with a duplex telegraphic outfit.
An electronic device used to record and display camera images at the same time. A full-duplex DVR can record camera images while displaying images from a different camera at the same time.
something which is duplex; -- used mostly in reference to a living unit, such as an apartment, in a building having two similar living units.
Also called a semi-detacheda property where two buildings are attached by a common wall.
A molecular structure consisting of two strands of opposed polarity.
A category of stainless steel with high amounts of chromium and moderate nickel content. The duplex class is so named because it is a mixture of austenitic (chromium-nickel stainless class) and ferritic (plain chromium stainless category) structures. This combination was originated to offer more strength than either of those stainless steels. Duplex stainless steels provide high resistance to stress corrosion cracking (formation of cracks caused by a combination of corrosion and stress) and are suitable for heat exchangers, desalination plants, and marine applications.
Stainless steel comprised of austenitic and ferretic stainless steels that contain high amounts of chromium and nickel. This combination is stronger than both of the individual stainless steels. Duplex stainless steels are highly resistant to corrosion and cracking.
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Double; twofold.
a double-stranded region in a nucleic acid molecule. See deoxyribonucleic acid.
printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. .
a soil type that has a porous soil on top of nonporous soil like sand over clay.
(soil): A soil type with a porous topsoil on top of a non-porous layer of soil, usually sand over clay. This does not apply to hardpan layers which form within a soil type due to cementing by iron oxides (ferricrete, laterite), silica (silcrete) or lime (calcrete).
Duplex is a set of shell scripts that emulate duplex printing for sheet-fed printers that do not support duplex printing in hardware. It is intended for use on printers connected to workstations. It can operate as a pipe so that applications can use it as a duplex printing driver.
Duplex printing emulation utility scripts for printers that do not support duplex in hardware. Print multiple jobs in batches, reinserting the pages only once. Duplex print from applications and scripts. Save time, paper, space, and trees.
a meticulous renovation with contemporary amenitieis, stylish fixtures and decorative hardware
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A stack of thrust-bounded rock slices, bounded by a roof thrust and a floor thrust, formed through continued thrusting along a floor thrust with successive collapse of thrust ramps.
a structural feature with a floor thrust and a roof thrust (i
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See semi-detached
semi-detached house
The wireless technique where one frequency band is used for traffic from the network to the subscriber (the downlink) and another, widely separated, band is used for traffic from the subscriber to the network (the uplink).
a fantastic investment opportunity as the property is off plan and it offers great facilities for buy to let purchasers
a freely vibrating portion of the string that is not struck
a necessary step in the initiation of transcription
a fundamental physical process with significant chemical and biological consequences
Electrical Certificate Of Compliance
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a house joined to another