Definitions for "Hardpan"
A hard, impervious layer of soil (often clay-rich), or iron-oxide cemented material. In Puget Sound the term is commonly used by drillers and contractors to describe glacial till.
A physically compacted soil layer restricting root growth and water movement through it.
A layer in the soil that cannot be penetrated and which restricts root penetration as well as movement of air and water.
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Turf that is very firm.
Very firm turf.
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very firm, unyielding ground. Especially if there is little grass. Example: "You can find a lot of hardpan on hot dry plains courses which often results in tons of roll".
Area of the golf course (not bunkers or hazards) on which no grass is growing.
Keywords:  substratum, pan
The hard substratum. Same as Hard pan, under Hard, a.