Definitions for "Soil"
The upper stratum of the earth; the mold, or that compound substance which furnishes nutriment to plants, or which is particularly adapted to support and nourish them.
The surface accumulation of sand, clay, and humus that composes the regolith, but excluding the larger fragments of unweathered rock.
the naturally occurring, unconsolidated mineral or organic material at the surface of the earth that is capable of supporting plant growth. It extends from the surface to 15 cm below the depth at which properties produced by soil-forming processes can be detected. The soil-forming processes are an interaction between climate, living organisms, and relief acting on soil and soil parent material. Unconsolidated material includes material cemented or compacted by soil-forming processes. Soil may have water covering its surface to a depth of 60 cm or less in the driest part of the year.
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To make dirty or unclean on the surface; to foul; to dirty; to defile; as, to soil a garment with dust.
the state of being covered with unclean things
make soiled, filthy, or dirty; "don't soil your clothes when you play outside!"
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A marshy or miry place to which a hunted boar resorts for refuge; hence, a wet place, stream, or tract of water, sought for by other game, as deer.
A Features field to indicate the type of soil. (Clay, Marshy, Rocky, etc.)
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Dung; fæces; compost; manure; as, night soil.
To enrich with soil or muck; to manure.
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To stain or mar, as with infamy or disgrace; to tarnish; to sully.
That which soils or pollutes; a soiled place; spot; stain.
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To feed, as cattle or horses, in the barn or an inclosure, with fresh grass or green food cut for them, instead of sending them out to pasture; hence (such food having the effect of purging them), to purge by feeding on green food; as, to soil a horse.
a blackish-brown nonflammable liquid
a RESULT of Bush's efforts and continued unrelenting pursuit of the enemy
the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state; "American troops were stationed on Japanese soil"
Soil Index Value obtained from the WRAP soil classification, used in the Wallingford Procedure to calculate the treatment volume.
The soil's comprehensiveness in organic and inorganic elements plays a major role in the wine's quality. It can also be a forbidding factor p.e. the soil in a particular area may have too much salt.
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To become soiled; as, light colors soil sooner than dark ones.
Describes the type of soil found in the vineyard. Different grape species prefer different soil types and this effects wine quality and flavor.
Retardant An agent that is applied to the carpet to retard or decrease the rate of soiling.
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Upper layer of ground.
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Land; country.