Definitions for "Barn"
A covered building used chiefly for storing grain, hay, and other productions of a farm. In the United States a part of the barn is often used for stables.
Enclosed agricultural building.
A home for the livestock usually during the winter.
A unit of cross-section, a barn is equal to 10-28 m2.
Unit of reaction probability defined as 10-28 m2 (10-24 cm2). Symbol: . Related to cross section. Related to outhouse. Related to shed.
A unit of area equalling 10 to the -24 square centimeters, which is used to measure cross section.
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If well filled with ripe and matured grain, and perfect ears of corn, with fat stock surrounding it, it is an omen of great prosperity. If empty, the reverse may be expected.
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A child. See Bairn.
an immovable obstruction, but the doors are movable and may be opened
an integral part of a particular way of life, and its many standard uses are part of a distinctive domestic economy
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To lay up in a barn.
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Structure built to cover the stored de-icing salt to protect from the effects of the weather
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a combination where there is some kind of paired cards
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A full house.
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a useful structure