Definitions for "TeX"
A text-based markup language developed by Donald Knuth of Stanford University when he discovered that existing typesetting environments couldn't handle his need for mathematical notation and text controls. Widely used in research, academia, and book publishing.
A language for document layout.
A popular text setting language used in large part by scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. See Also LaTeX.
Weight of a tow or a strand per 1000 m. (unit: g/1000m)
TEX is a metric term used to class glass, it refers to grams per 1000m of material.
1. A unit for expressing linear density, equal to the weight in grams of one kilometer of yarn, filament, fiber or other textile strand. 2. The system of yarn numbering based on the use of Tex units.
Freelancer Tex (real name Allison) is a main fictional character in the machinima comic science fiction video series Red vs. Blue. She is voiced by Burnie Burns in her initial appearance, and Kathleen Zuelch thereafter.
Tex is the animated charector who is a red/silver robot that appears in some of the THX trailers. He was created by John Lasseter of Pixar in the mid-1990s' for a THX mascot. Tex first made an appearance in a THX trailer from 1996, and Pixar animated the trailer.
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Tex is a novel by S.E. Hinton, published in 1979. It was adapted to film in 1982, and starred Matt Dillon.
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Tandem exchange
Either refers to Jean Texereau or a program written to reduce figuring data, called TEX.