Definitions for "Tandem"
One after another; -- said especially of horses harnessed and driven one before another, instead of abreast.
A team of horses harnessed one before the other.
A tandem bicycle or other vehicle.
A truck that has two drive axles or a trailer that has two axles.
A cycle made for two people to ride at the same time.
An arrangement of two or more AISwitches where the AISwitches are directly interconnected. In this configuration you may call a remote AISwitch and then place a second call on that remote AISwitch.
The connection of networks or circuits in series; that is, the connection of the output of one circuit to the input of another. See Tandem Switch.
A switching arrangement in which the trunk from the calling office is connected to a trunk at the called office through an intermediate point; serves to interconnect central offices when direct interoffice trunks are not available.
Telephone company node / central office classification, containing a switch where all outer and inner area code traffic is handled, in an area code where the handoff for long distance service happens. A central office that carries a call, but only switches the call to the central office where the called customer is served - it does not actually connect the call with the end customer.
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Same as barmaid.
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A computer manufacturer that has developed a computer-specific API to provide mapping between some of its computers and ASAI. (See also CAM.)
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a major purchase and it is important that someone at the shop be willing to spend a fair amount of time with you
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A doubles formation in which each partner is responsible for one half of the court, as divided by the center line. Compare up and back.
See double wood.
a position where the male and female are attached; usually seen during mating
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an individual (or couple) choice
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an investment