Definitions for "Backhaul"
A vehicle's return movement from original destination to original origin.
A vehicle's return trip
To haul a shipment back over part of a route it has traveled.
A terrestrial link connecting an earth station to its local switching center or population center.
The terrestrial link between an earth station and a switching or data center.
A term used to define the communications link, typically microwave or fiber optical, between a base station and a communications switch or communications network.
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Point-to-point video transmission from a remote site back to a central site for further distribution.
Original transmission before network re-broadcasts.
Term used to describe the transmission of a signal (normally video) from the end of a microwave or broadcast system to a central point.
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Sending a video feed from a local area via satellite back to the main distribution area for retransmission via satellite.
telecom traffic flowing from the customer back into the network.
Process in which telephony signaling is passed from a gateway to a separate control for processing. With such a scheme, the gateway does not need to interpret the signaling information.
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