Definitions for "Intrastate"
These are calls made within your own state. These calls are subject to an entirely different set of tariffs independently set by each state. If you make more Intrastate calls than Interstate calls, make certain the plan you choose gives you the best possible rate. Too many consumers are lured by low-ball State - to-State rates only to get gouged on their in-state calls.
With respect to natural gas companies, the transporting and sale of gas for resale within the boundaries of a state.
A shipment originating and terminating within one state's boundaries.
A move which has its origin and destination within the same state.
traffic having origin, destination, and entire transportation within the same state.
A move within a state, but generally outside the 30-mile limit that defines a local move.
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Travel within the same state. (BOC3)
Calls to or from locations within your state. [Back to Glossary Table of Contents
Intrastate calls that originate and terminate within the same state, but not within the same LATA.
Services, traffic or facilities that originate and terminate within the same state.
Communications inside one state.
Communication within a single state. Intrastate communications are regulated by each state's PUC.
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Delivery between two points within one state.
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Between two points in one state. to top