Definitions for "LDC"
Least Developed Countries. The 49 countries - of which the population does not exceed 75 million inhabitants - below fixed criteria on income (less than 900 US $ per capita), economical diversification and social development. The number of LDCs has almost doubled since the category was created by the United Nations in 1971.
Least (or Lesser) Developed Country
Less developed countries, often used with respect to secondary debt market.
Local Data Center
Local Distribution Company. Company that distributes natural gas primarily to end-users. A gas utility.
Local Distribution Company. The entity responsible for receiving natural gas or power from the wholesale transmission system and distributing it to end use customers. LDCs are state-jurisdictional entities whereas most transmission providers are federal jurisdictional. In addition to local delivery of energy, the LDC is typically also responsible for providing metering and billing services. In the electric power industry, LDCs are often called "Distribution Companies" or "DISCOs" for short.(To top of page)
Logical Device Code. A terminal device definition where more than one resource may be attached to a communications subsystem.
Logical Direction Call A logical direction call is a group of trunk groups used for a call with the following facilities: - search for the best path for a call by using the most profitable operator or network - Overflowing : possibility offered to a PABX for finding a new path for making an outgoing call when there is no resource available in the initial trunk group.
Long Distance Carrier. See IEC.
see IXC (Interexchange Carrier)
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London Dumping Convention
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Link Destination Card
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Leased direct circuit
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Lead Lead manager