Definitions for "OutGoing "
Keywords:  extroverted
somewhat extroverted
Enjoying the company of others; pleasant and responsive to others; sociable; friendly; convivial; cordial; -- of people; as, an outgoing personality. Opposite of reserved or cold.
OutGoing is a Perl script that is designed to aid with financial planning. It takes a list of your regular monthly outgoings and generates an HTML file that details the total amount of money going out for the month, a week-by-week breakdown, and a list of the payments left during the remainder of the month.
The act or the state of going out.
Going out; departing; leaving; as, the outgoing administration; an outgoing steamer.
Keywords:  rotterdam, loaded, goods
Goods loaded in Rotterdam
Keywords:  outlay, goes
That which goes out; outgo; outlay.
Keywords:  monies, able, pay, deduct, towards
Monies you have to pay to someone else for things linked to your income.You may be able to deduct them from your income for tax purposes.
The amount of cash you pay towards expenses for your business.
Keywords:  ease, talking, others
at ease in talking to others
Keywords:  packages, sent, mail
Being sent out; as, outgoing mail; outgoing packages.
Keywords:  node, attribute, edge, directed, source
Attribute of a directed edge. A directed edge is an outgoing edge at its source node. See Also Directed, Edge, Source.
Keywords:  extreme, limit, ending, place
The extreme limit; the place of ending.