Definitions for "Source"
a firsthand document or primary reference work.
Any work that an author uses in the preparation of another work, or that you use in completing an assignment or writing a paper. A term used in some research databases to mean the book in which an essay appears, or the journal in which a journal article appears.
The source is an item (eg book or journal) that contains the information being sought (eg journal article or book chapter). To obtain the complete text of any reference you need to know the source of the reference: for a journal or magazine article, the source is the journal or magazine for a book chapter, the source is the book for a conference paper, the source is the conference proceedings for a newspaper article, the source is the newspaper
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The place that an audio signal comes from. A microphone or a tape recorder are sources to a mixer. A mixer can be a source to an amplifier.
Supplier of signals, e.g. DVD player.
The device that supplies the various program segments to a VTR, Editor or Mixer.
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In fiber optics, the device which converts the electrical information carrying signal to an optical signal for transmission over an optical fiber. A fiber-optic source may be a light emitting diode or laser diode.
A device that emits light. Usually a laser or LED.
A laser diode or LED used to inject an optical signal into fiber.
refers to a region that releases more of some substance than it takes up. For instance, some ocean areas are carbon sources, because they release more carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere than they absorb from the atmosphere (compare sink).
A point from which field vectors diverge; often used more inclusively to refer to points of either convergence or divergence.
a client which is sharing some chunk in some file you have in your downloading queue which you still have not completed
a key to understanding the climateforcing effects by aerosols associated with changes in optical properties and cloud chemistries
a place or activity from which greenhouse gases are emitted
Celestial object which emits electromagnetic radiation.
An area where a hazardous substance may have been deposited, stored, disposed, or placed. Also, soil that may have become contaminated as a result of hazardous substance migration. In general, however, the volumes of air, ground water, surface water, and surface water sediments that may have become contaminated through migration are not considered sources.
Any place or object from which pollutants are released, such as a power plant, factory, tractor, car, or other machines. Mobile sources move (e.g., cars and buses), while stationary sources do not (e.g., factories).
a point or place from which a pollutant is released or emitted
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one of the three leads of a field-effect transistor.
The terminal at one end of the channel of a field effect transistor by which electron or hole current enters the channel. This terminal corresponds to the emitter in a bipolar transistor.
one of three terminals in Field Effect Transistors; a heavily doped region from which majority carriers are flowing into the channel.
The collection in which the item resides. ROAD contains images from the following four collections: Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) R.C. Maxwell Co. John Paver Collection Outdoor Advertising Slide Library Further information about these collections is available on-line within the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library (RBMSCL) Finding Aids listing. These Finding Aids are written descriptions of the collections within the RBMSCL.
the document, record, publication, manuscript, etc. used to prove a fact.
See also emission, point source, line source and area source. The origin of dust emissions.
Contact region of a MOSFET from which the electrons in the channel originate
Name for the origination node of a directed edge. See Also Directed, Edge.
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The rising from the ground, or beginning, of a stream of water or the like; a spring; a fountain.
A place where a river begins, usually in a highland area. spring
the point at which a brook, stream or river begins
A book, magazine, or internet reference that is used to gather information when writing a paper. Sources must be recognized in the paper or it is considered plagiarism.
Until 2006, The Source was the largest student organisation at the University of New South Wales (Kensington Campus) in Sydney, Australia. The Source was primarily involved in providing student services such as retail outlets, entertainment and social activities. It also ran events including Orientation Week, Oktoberfest, Sourcefest, weekly dance parties and the weekly Blitz magazine which included a 'What's On' guide for the Kensington Campus.
See The Source (magazine) for the hip-hop magazine.
a major distributor of pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, inplant offices, wire shelving, lifters, and wheelchair lifts
Used to distinguish major types of fisheries, like sport, commercial (common property), cost recovery, escapement, hatchery racks, etc.
The item that best represents the source of the spill. The following is a list of the possible sources: Commercial/Industrial (01) Non-Commercial/Institutional (02) Major Facility 400,000 gal or more (03) Non-Major Facility 1,101 gal to 400,000 gal(04) Gas Station (05) Passenger Vehicle (06) Commercial Vehicle (07) Tank Truck (08) Private Dwelling (09) Vessel (10) Railroad Car (11) Unknown (12)
A system, a program within a system, or a device that makes a request to a target. Contrast with target (page ***).
the tube which supplies X-rays in a cephalometer ; see target
a target or file that must exist and be up-to-date before the target is built
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the document, etc used to proof fact.
also: ancient source, source document A general term used to refer to a piece of surviving ancient evidence, whatever its form. Often used specifically to mean written texts that survive from the ancient world (e.g., Homer's Iliad or Pliny's Natural History).
a text document that is passed through MSM's macro preprocessor when it is saved, often generating an M routine
Depending upon the context, there can be various definitions and alternative names for Source, such as Universal Source, All That Is, the I AM Presence, God, etc. From our perspective, Source is an 11th density band of etheric energy which is directly responsible for the creation of our universe. Through projections of energies outward, Source manifests itself as all levels and layers of consciousness and energy forms. Source itself is a projection of a higher order consciousness. See Prime Creator. Also see Godhead levels.
The Source was a metaphysical concept created by writer/artist Jack Kirby for his Fourth World series of comic books. It can be considered a shared Cosmic Consciousness in the DC Comics Universe, where it is the non-religious equivalent to Buddha nature, and other supreme beings. It is the "source" of all that exists.
The source refers to the substance from which a homeopathic remedy is made.
Any document which provides a library user, researcher, or database searcher, with the information he or she seeks. Also refers to any document which provides information, such as a quotation, which is copied or reproduced in another document.
This refers to a business or an organization that provides certain information that appears on your credit report.
That from which anything comes forth, regarded as its cause or origin; the person from whom anything originates; first cause.
Anything that vibrates to create waves. Back to Wave Index
A source is a place where you get something. Whether it be pictures, info, music, or anything else you can imagine. When you get something from a source, it would be a good idea to ask them if they would mind you using their material on your site. You could be your source, meaning it is possible for you to create material and use it on your site. I've created a lot of things that I use on my websites.
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The HTML code that creates a Web page. The source of every Web site can be viewed by loading the Web page, dropping down the View menu, and selecting Source (in Internet Explorer) or Page Source (in Netscape).
The "source" or "page source" is the HTML code used to render a Web page; browsers generally provide a "View Source" menu command to allow users to see the page source.
The plain text HTML file which defines what will appear on a Web page. A browser retrieves the source from a server and turns it into the displayed page. Most browsers allow you to see the source for a page you are viewing.
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Source: a term used to describe God, or that which is the source of all love, light, and creative energy in existence (i.e. the source of all things).
(technology) a process by which energy or a substance enters a system; "a heat source"; "a source of carbon dioxide"
A natural net exporter of energy, species, or materials (see above).
a directory of awards, services, and publications for artists
a national collaborative effort between artists, arts organizations, researchers, arts policymakers, and the general public, so your suggestions and updates are always welcome
a national searchable database of grants, services, publications and other performing, literary, media and visual artists
a facility where something is available
someone who originates or causes or initiates something; "he was the generator of several complaints"
a permanent in play, a spell on the stack, or an object referred to by something on the stack (an ability or combat damage, for example)
Codename for RN X-craft/midget submarine attack on Tirpitz
In the Tivoli Enterprise Console, a resource, such as a host, that is being monitored by an event adapter.
In an update definition, the record or DB2 table that contains the data used to update an Tivoli Decision Support for OS/390 DB2 table.
A radionuclide, selected for its chemical and radioactive properties, and used in a wide range of medical, research and industrial applications. See open source and sealed source.
A radioactive material that produces radiation for experimental or industrial use.
Radiation producing equipment or an aggregate of radioactive nuclei.
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A show's lineage, including the type of mics used, the recording device, and every medium & format conversion since. Detailed ource information is useful for ensuring the quality of a show. A good guide on how to read the source info for a show can be found here:
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a Qtopia application that provides the QDL Service and responds to particular QCop messages
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A CMS for publishing source code on the web and for allowing the discussion of that source code.
Designation of the transactions being processed. (Similar to our reference codes in FAS). See attached Source document.
Any structure, facility, equipment or operation (or combination thereof), located on a property, which is owned, controlled or operated by one or more persons. In many instances, a Source Classification Code (SCC) is used which specifically identifies the source or operational process and defines the units of activity level. Emissions may be calculated by multiplying the emission factor for each SCC and the activity level.
vendor sending OpenURLs to UC-eLinks at this time most of UC-eLinks sources are A&I database vendors
A database, application, file, or other storage facility from which the data in a data warehouse is derived.
In WAIS jargon, a database of information. Used interchangeably with server in the context of WAIS.
SimpleString The source of the data provided. Note that the source of the MDDL instance document (in the header) may likely be a different organization that the source of a particular data element (like a broker).
The source address, an internet header field.
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Source text (files) used to compile the user program. Source files can be in any of the programming languages supported by the debugger.
The markup-language files that define a HATS project or one of its resources. Also the name of a folder contained in each HATS project.
One or more text files, written in a programming language, which can be compiled to form one or more binary files.
On the SD screen, source corresponds to the code used on the HMR101/5. On the CY screen, SOURCE corresponds to whether the sender is a GP or a SENDER defined on the SD screen as unknown.
the sender of a message.
A fixed point that is unstable and not a saddle-point. All trajectories move away in positive time.
Stock (storage) point Superstores
A person or document that supplies information for your research.
a person who supplies information
get (a product) from another country or business; "She sourced a supply of carpet"; "They are sourcing from smaller companies"
Terminal or node at which data enters a network.
a branch in which either the potential or the flow is assigned a value by a contribution statement somewhere in the module
a branch that you introduce between two nodes to contribute a signal to those nodes
A donor; an individual who willingly donates blood to a vampyre.
Ultraviolt region
a region of the plant that has an excess of sugars, metabolites or nutrients, and is the region from which translocation occurs
a brand new EBAY store
a brand new retail store
a photosynthesizing leaf or a starch-storing root
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Audio and video content that can be captured and encoded from devices installed on your computer or from a file.
The type of content that VideoNet can encode: audio, or video. Audio and video content is captured from a card installed on your computer or from a file that was converted to Mpeg-4 format.
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a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etreby Computer Company, Inc
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The channel of sale that produced a subscription, or the single-copy sales channel. On circulation reports, the source is shown either by key (see definition) or agency designation. "Source" includes both mini-source (individual keys) and maxi-source (keys grouped together in a planned way).
This is where the information is copied from. It may be a disc or location on a hard drive. A source drive is a CD-ROM or CD-R/RW drive, which is holding the disc that contains the information you want to copy.
The source for electronic copies of the data values or data sets described by the standard.
a person, group or organisation that has a meaning it intends and attempts to share with an audience (459)
A person, group or organisation that has an intended meaning it attempts to share with an audience. p. 456
a document (or organization) from which information is obtained; "the reporter had two sources for the story"
a person who talks to a reporter on the record, for attribution in a news story
An individual whose statements are used for material in a story.
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a heretic or mighty man of God, depending upon how his words are to be used
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a legitimate and reputable
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The producer of power.
a powerful probiotic
a fracture in our reality," he started without preamble
New Horizons for Learning (
a permanent (a land, creature, artifact, or enchantment) or a spell
Not-yet compiled MIVA Script that will be converted, by the MIVA Script Compiler, into a format that can be more efficiently processed by the web host's server. MIVA Script source can be read and edited in any text editor.
the section called “Executing the script
an LFO, modulation envelope, or MIDI controller
A reference to the source of the building space-by-space description and square footage data (typically sets of building plans) from which building space square footage takeoffs are completed.
a place of high reproduction and subsequent dispersal of offspring to colonize less productive ecological terrains
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The act of rising; a rise; an ascent.
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a TWAIN entity whose purpose is to get data from a hardware device and provide it to a TWAIN-compliant application
The place from where an EXTRACT or piece of poetry, etc., was taken.
document or piece of historical material from which historical information can be extracted.
a data mover, a server, or a storage agent
Any source of information or intelligence. An agent may be a source but a source is not automatically an agent.
The way in which records came to be included on the file, such as via DMS or an agent.
an element with which a discharge hydrograph is imported into the basin network
a fine-grained rock unit containing sufficient organic matter so that when it is heated and/or placed under pressure (maturation), hydrocarbons are generated
a place or activity that generates trash that enters the marine environment.
Shared memory repository in the SAI architectural style. A source can be connected to an arbitrary number of cells which are then allowed concurrent data access to the data held by the source ( passive pulse).
any written or non-written material that can be used to investigate the past. A source becomes 'evidence' (see above) when it is used to support or refute a position
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csh Read commands from a file, see csh
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a link to where you are cutting and pasting from, genius
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SourceCode Source Cue/Source Music
a book or piece of sheet music containing at least one tune
a piece of information about your topic and can include books
an online career management and job finding site for Chartered Accountants and those looking to hire/recruit them
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The previous non-graphic request in a visit.
The most recent non-graphic request before the current one in a visit.
conceptual places where various types of movement and transfer start (used for direction in verbs of motion).
a diagram expressing objects and their interactions
an object that generates an event
Location or object from which a pathogen is immediately transmitted to a host.
a separate division whose members specialize in the merger and acquisition activities of larger businesses
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Source of the scope note.
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Speaker cabinet
Identifies the organization that is responsible for assigning and managing the Date, Time, and Field for a Match
Identifies the organization responsible for storing the actual Date, Time, and Field associated with a Match
The object that produces the waves or disturbance. The name given to them end of a two-wire transmission line that is connected to a source. The device which furnishes the electrical energy used by a load.
a comprehensive, online database that lets you look for arts grants, publications, and organizations by whatever criteria you choose
National Futures Association; published here with permission. This publication ( Glossary of Futures Terms - An Introduction to the Language of the Futures Industry) is the property of the National Futures Association.
One of three specific categories of service providers (i.e., agency, private sector, or public reimbursable) that can perform a commercial activity for an agency.
See Cataloging Source (Source).
See Software Source.
See Light Source.
An event that triggers a failure. illustration
a person or entity that funds an expenditure(s)
a single entity from which information is retrieved
A person with information useful to the media.
A provider of a stream of media data.
The source of the vibration. Most of the time the source of the vibration is a rotating component that is out-of-round or out-of-balance. In these cases, the source of the vibration can be repaired. Engines however, have vibrations which are a natural part of the engine running. If the engine is the source of the vibration, it cannot be repaired because it is not broken. Instead, the transfer path for the vibration must be repaired.
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The source of the resource.
A Reference to a resource from which the present resource is derived
an excellent way for marketing students interested in brand management
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See 3D sound source.
Any component that can produce sound.
Science Operations and User Research Central Exchange
A specific location or enterprise from where goods will be obtained.
a complete and current economic analysis of the U
Where revenues, products and services, or financing comes from.
a association of business brokers that specialize in medium sized businesses
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a dynamic web application
a component of an extended element. the name of the individual or organization creating an extended element
A general term used for library material that provides information.
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a single news producer
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see: link
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a location (i
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The company which created the data.