Definitions for "midget "
A very diminutive person having normal proportions of the body parts; compare dwarf.
very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"; "the flyspeck nation of Bahrain moved toward democracy"
a normally-proportioned miniature adult a dwarf is short
midget is a small SMB-share based backup script intended for use in unattended environments where finding a person to create backups is next to impossible. It is designed to allow the deployment of a file server with a built-in DVD-R drive at a client's site and subsequently perform completely automated backups.
midget is a small smb-share based backup script intended for use in unattended environments where finding a person to entrust with gory details of filesystem hierarchy and all the dirty details of creating backups is next to impossible.
a scene featuring one or more "little person."
a dealer term and is not used by GNMA in the formal description of its programs
Is a 15 year maturity, fixed rate security issued by the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA).
A Lion Match Co. trademark whose match books contained 14 match sticks in two combs and measured 3 3/16 in. by 1 1/8 in. These match books were produced between 1934 and 1943 for the popular clutch purse style of evening bag. In 1943, the O.P.A. (Office of Price Administration) ruled a single size staple for all match books, thus ending the production of Midgets, 10-stick and 12-stick matchcovers. There are over 7,500 varieties known. It is generally believed that this size was made 60% by Lion, 30% by Ohio and 10% by Diamond Match Companies. (See Ten Strike, Twelve Strike, Half Sizes, Juniors).
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A 200 watt Fresnel
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A minute bloodsucking fly.
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An open wheel car with the engine in front of the driver and the driver is enclosed in a tall roll cage.