Definitions for "Few"
A layer whose summation amount of sky cover is 1/8th through 2/8ths.
Showers covering less than 15 percent of an area.
An official sky cover classification for aviation weather observations, descriptive of a sky cover of 1/8 to 2/8. This is applied only when obscuring phenomenon aloft are present--that is, not when obscuring phenomenon are surface-based, such as fog. A National Weather Service convective precipitation descriptor for a 10% chance of measurable precipitation (0.01"). Few is used interchangeably with isolated. See Precipitation Probability (PoP).
Not many; small, limited, or confined in number; -- indicating a small portion of units or individuals constituting a whole; often, by ellipsis of a noun, a few people.
few refers to count nouns, less and little to mass nouns. WRONG: I have less friends than you. RIGHT: I have fewer friends than you. WRONG: He has the least friends of all. RIGHT: He has the fewest friends of all. WRONG: I have few or little friends. RIGHT: I have few or no friends.
A small number without regard to their arrangement on a panel or sheet.
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Few (1 or 2 oktas)
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Federally Employed Women