Definitions for "ALL"
Acute lymphocytic leukemia - a form of rapidly developing disease that is most common in children
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Relationship to Zinc Requirement"It was found that the copper to zinc ratio was significantly higher in patients with lymphoma or acute and chronic leukemias compared to control subjects..."
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. ALL is the most common type of leukaemia found in children. It is a disease of the white lymphocytic blood cells. See leukaemia section.
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The Albanian Lek, the currency of Albania. ISO Code ALL
The ISO 4217 currency code for Albanian Lek.
The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree of; the whole; the whole number of; any whatever; every; as, all the wheat; all the land; all the year; all the strength; all happiness; all abundance; loss of all power; beyond all doubt; you will see us all (or all of us).
Wholly; completely; altogether; entirely; quite; very; as, all bedewed; my friend is all for amusement.
The whole number, quantity, or amount; the entire thing; everything included or concerned; the aggregate; the whole; totality; everything or every person; as, our all is at stake.
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"All (I Ever Want)" is the 1st single from the album Attention! by Alexander Klaws.
ALL is the third album released by the Japanese group . It was released on January 1 2007 through avex trax. Only three songs on this album was not released as a single.
Do Flaithesaib Hérend iar Creitim (The Annals from the Book of Leinster)
ALL is a spin off punk band formed by members of The Descendents. After the departure of singer Milo Aukerman from the Descendents in 1987 to pursue a graduate degree in biochemistry, the three remaining bandmembers formed ALL, naming themselves after the Descendents' last record. (Milo Aukerman re-united with the Descendents in 1996, and both bands continue to co-exist.)
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Although; albeit.
The Guidebook in Its Entirety 1.1M Cover, Intro, Step 1 - Work Plan Development 155k 2 3 4 Steps 2, 3, and 4 144k Step 2: Research Existing Conditions of the Transportation System Step 3: Document Existing and Projected Environmental/Land-Use Conditions Step 4: Analyze Future (20-year) Travel Demand and Performance in the Corridor 5 6 7 Steps 5, 6, and 7 113k Step 5: Review the Corridor Boundary, Develop a Statement of Purpose and Need, and Identify Goals for the Corridor Step 6: Generate Alternatives to Meet Goals Step 7: Identify Feasible Alternatives Steps 8 and 9 551k Step 8: Analyze Feasible Alternative to Generate Preferred Alternative(s) Step 9: Prepare the Corridor Plan Document Appendicies and Glossary 180k
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Possibly the most perplexing word we use! Once the restaurant runs outta pancakes, they're all. You'll say, “all what???” Often the response to your question will be this, “all!” Sometimes we may need to raise our voice to get the point across to you, as in “ALL!” When we say something is all, we mean it is ‘all gone.'
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Aristocrat Leisure Limited
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Ampere. A unit of electricty.
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Enables all debug cch323 commands.
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America Team The eight top racing greyhounds selected each year by AGTOA.
anterior longitudinal ligament
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Used in scoring to indicate a tie, as in “40-all.
Apiece, as in the score "30-all".
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All TAAS Tests Taken
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Even; just. (Often a mere intensive adjunct.)
All of the words in the search field matched in the retrieved documents.
Only a session that matches all four key attributes is disconnected. All is the default.
To retrieve only documents containing all of the words you typed in the search field. This performs a boolean "AND" on all search terms. This is the default.
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1-9 Word Definition
Prefixed to a word to show that it applies to a tiny fraction of the set of things to which it might apply. (e.g. An all-forgiving God forgives between 144,000 people and one third of the worlds population depending on who you ask.)
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Only; alone; nothing but.
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All warnings
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Indicates that operation is performed on the screen-independent resource property (RESOURCE_MANAGER), as well as the screen-specific property (SCREEN_RESOURCES) on every screen of the display. For example, when used in conjunction with -query, the contents of all properties are output. For -load and -merge, the input file is processed once for each screen. The resources that occur in common in the output for every screen are collected and applied as the screen-independent resources. The remaining resources are applied for each individual per-screen property. This is the default mode of operation. This option is specific to X11R5.
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Aquatic Lands Lease
solid - state timer – A timing device with no moving parts to accomplish load switching.
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All the messages in a folder.
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Element comparisons
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A Lot Left
completely given to or absorbed by; "became all attention"
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(ALWAYS) An EVENT that starts every day of the week (SU-SA).
Association for Language Learning
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Customizing the Data Record
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