Definitions for "Timer"
See Clock.
a class, every millisecond a tick event fires
a clock that starts counting when you begin to transmit through the repeater
A timekeeper; especially, a watch by which small intervals of time can be measured; a kind of stop watch. It is used for timing the speed of horses, machinery, etc.
A kernel resource that triggers an event at a specified interval. The event can occur only once or can be recurring. Timers are one of the event sources for work loops.
a timepiece, especially one used for measuring and signaling the end of time interval
an excellent feature when taking a background count to establish a baseline, then followed by a contamination check over the same period
an object used to count lapses of time and send a message when it has finished counting
a non-spatial object that uses recurring lapses of time from a computer or from your application
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Device that turns lights on and off at pre-programmed times.
Timer is displayed in upper-right corner of the screen while playing a level or watching a replay. Can be turned off.
a good method to ensure that all heaters are turned off when the patio is not being used
Program za prikaz ure ali/in datum ter poljubljenega besedila.
a crucial to most engines-The computer can know the past, has a good idea of the present, and in many way can fortell the future (especially in deterministic environments)
a good idea to keep the game 'fair' and also moves things along quickly
an excellent idea Sydares
The volunteers sitting behind the starting blocks/finish end of pool, who are responsible for getting watch times on events and activating the backup buttons for the timing system.
The volunteers or officials behind the starting blocks at the finish end of pool, who are responsible for timing the swimmers in their lanes for each race and recording the times. Timers also activate the backup buttons for electronic timing systems.
In electric ignition, an adjustable device for automatically timing the spark.
A lightweight clockwork or electronic device fitted to free-flight aircraft to operate in-flight systems and to control the dethermaliser.
The software uses logical timers for error detection. When the program tells a device to do something, a software timer is started. The device must report back that it has finished its operation before the timer expires, or a Time-Out error occurs.
a type of Action Assertion that tests, enables (or disables), or creates (or deletes) if a specified threshold has been satisfied. See Chapter5
High-level timer service for both user and supervisor actors. This feature uses the concept of a timer object in the actor environment. Timers are created and deleted dynamically. All high-level timer operations such as setting, modifying, querying, or canceling pending timeouts, refer to timer objects.
A feature that allows a remote control to perform operations unattended at pre-configured times of day or week. See also: macro, sleep timer.
Sets system to operate at a specified time (Daily) or for a short period (Sleep) or to record a programme (Rec).
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a handy gadget to simulate day time and night time
A drill that simulates the feel of a skill, or the set for a skill without the risk of completing the skill. Eg. a 1 1/4 back to a stack of mats is a timer for a double back.
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See countdown timer.
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an EJB container-managed object that configures a callback to the creating bean when they expire
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an electronic circuit which give a high voltage at its output for a period of time after being triggered Time plan a chart showing when you hope to complete parts of a project
a lame, open-circuit solution
a big help in this regard
a great help, here
A timer is necessary when making a print in the enlarger. Timers help produce accurate test strips, correctly burn and dodge exposures, and dependable exposure results for prints.
A person who has the responsibility of timing a player's rally.
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Many ranges, ovens and microwave ovens have built-in timers. Free-standing timers are also available.
a useful management tool
a valuable tool for keeping us focused
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Limits the duration of a playback.
a regulator that activates or deactivates a mechanism at set times
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(sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed
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The timer is a function in presentation software that allows the progression from one slide to another after a defined period of time.
A method of measuring the speed of the execution of instructions so that animation can be controlled.
See "Controller."
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The timer in Time Matters applies to any record type, except contacts and matters. Just start the timer. The timer will stop (optionally) when you close the record.
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Used to send a document at a later time.
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a time machine
An internal storage area created by the TIMING command.
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The Timer Element
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(see: Electric Timer; stop watch).