Definitions for "Limits"
The minimum and maximum amounts that may be wagered at a given table.
An insurer's aggregate liability for policies in force as of a given date.
The maximum amount of protection purchased by the insured on each separate coverage.
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the permissible upper bounds of radiation exposures, contamination or releases.
Individual dose limits which includes planned special exposures and overexposures. Annual 5 rem TEDE, 15 Rem LDE and 50 Rem SDE-WB and SDE-ME.
Pre-set (as in "I can do this and this but I won't/can't take this...") or used as a term for pain/humiliation tolerance ("I really want to expand/test my limits")
What someone "won't" do or is hesitant to do
a means to narrow a search by restricting it to certain dates of publication, a specific language, or a publication type.
You can decrease search results by specifying date, material type, or language, and others.
The ability, within an index or database, to set search parameters which limit or restrict search results to fit certain criteria - such as language, publication date, document or format type, full-text, peer-reviewed, etc.
Limits might suggest impediments to reaching the eternal and infinite, but in Blake the word itself usually refers to a merciful limit upon various kinds of falling, as in the Limits of Opacity (blindness) and Contraction.
Motion control systems may have sensors called limits that alert the control electronics that the physical end of travel is being approached and that motion should stop.
During the conversion of sensor outputs to physical values, the values obtained are compared with the upper and lower values which you supplied. Anomalous values are detected and flagged with question marks in your results.
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See quota.
Arbitrary price barriers imposed by Futures and Options Exchanges to limit severe price movements during a trading day. There are no limits in the spot market. See Limit Up and Limit Down.
Boundaries of consent as negotiated between partners, including activities in which one person does not wish to participate.
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In the BDSM world, limits refer to activities that a partner feels strongly about, and to which special attention must be paid.
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Limits and memory utilization
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See Position Limit, Price Limit, Variable Limit.