Definitions for "REM"
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A dose unit which takes into account the relative biological effectiveness (RBE). The rem is defined as the dose of a particular type of radiation required to produce the same biological effect as one roentgen of (0.25 MeV) gamma radiation.
The unit of dose equivalent from ionizing radiation to the total body or any internal organ or organ system. A millirem (mrem)" is 1/1000 of a rem.
A rem reflects the radiation dose received by the body, after accounting for the potential for harm from different types of radiation. To convert rads to rems, the number of rads is multiplied by a number that reflects the potential for damage caused by a type of radiation. For beta, gamma and X-ray radiation, this number is generally one. For some neutrons, protons, or alpha particles, the number is twenty. A millirem (mrem) is one-thousandth (1/1,000) of a rem.
abbr. rapid eye movement
Rapid eye movement. The phase of sleep associated with dreaming and distinguished from the other stages of sleep by rapid movement of the eyes.
Acronym for Rapid Eye Movement, the characteristic movement of the eyes of a sleeping subject, indicating that the mind has moved into the dream state of sleep.
Rasterelektronen-Mikroskopie“ = Atomic Force Microscopy, the most wide-spread technique for imaging of solid bodies with high resolution and depth of sharpness. The surface is irradiated by electrons; the backscatter of secondary electrons is measured whose intensity yields a direct image of the surface.
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A commonly used word used in some programming languages, like DOS, batch and INF files, to create single line comments. A (;) semi-colon is also often used to mark out data lines.
A command of DOS generally used in a batch file. This command is a remark and tells the system to ignore the rest of the text on the line.
comment out lines in a script file
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Misa's female Shinigami.
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Ring Error Monitor. TRN function which collects error information and passes it to LAN Network Manager or NetView.
Ring error monitor. A ring-resident function that maintains statistical records on token ring operating errors.
Rem ark statement is used to document the program and its various components. Alternately, individual basic statements can have remarks attached behind them by preceeding the remark with an apostrophe.
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Usually reduced in price to make room for new stock, the publisher or retailer will mark the bottom edge of the book with a stroke or dot, often made with a felt marker, to distinguish the book from the regular stock.
Remaindered Is marked with usually a black or red dot or stripe on the bottom pages to show that it was sold at a reduced price. Sometimes the bottom pages are "speckled" with a fine spray paint.
Return electrode monitoring. A technology incorporating a "split" conductive surface patient return electrode which can measure impedance at the interface between patient tissue and the patient return electrode itself and avoid tissue burns ("pad burns").
Reporting on Environmental policies and Measures. The project focuses on developing guidance and new frameworks to help countries provide information on policy effectiveness where required under EU legislation
Removed; time expired or all potential lenders exhausted
Resource and Environmental Management (Consultants)
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Remote Electronic Maintenance.
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This is the remuneration of the total work force during the past financial period.
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See Remainder.