Definitions for "Roentgen"
Of or pertaining to the German physicist Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen, or the rays discovered by him; as, Röntgen apparatus.
A measure of the ability of x-rays or radioactive decay products to produce ionization in air. One roentgen corresponds to the absorption of about 86 ergs (100 ergs = 6.24 x 10 million electron volts, MeV) of energy from x- or gamma radiation, per gram of air. The corresponding absorption of energy in tissue may be from one-half to two times as great, depending on the energy and type of the radiation and the chemical composition of the tissue.
A unit of radiation exposure to product in air 2.58 X 10-4 coulomb of ions per kilogram of air.
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Released March 27, 2002, Roentgen was the first solo album of popular Japanese vocalist, Hyde, produced by his own label, Haunted Records, a division of Sony's Ki/oon Records. The album leans towards the softer side of rock music, with crisp, wintery White Song and the beautiful imagery of A Drop of Colour. The beautiful, wrenching vocals that Hyde is known to pour out can be heard in Shallow Sleep or The Cape of Storms, balancing out the album.
a measure of the number of particles zippin through your body weighted by the damage each of them cause