Definitions for "Rad"
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a unit of measurement of the amount of ionizing radiation absorbed by an object, equal to an energy of 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material (equal to 0.01 gray).
A unit of absorbed radiation dose, 100 rads = 1 joule/kg = 1 Gray
A unit of measurement of any kind of radiation absorbed by humans. One rad is equal to the absorption of 100 ergs of radiation energy per gram of material.
Reactive Airways Disease
Abbreviation for Reactive Attachment Disorder.
Reactive attachment disorder. A disturbance that involves social interactions due sometimes to the result of the neglect of the child's basic physical and emotional needs.
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the final of the four compiling programs, it takes the data from VIS and uses it to sort of ray trace light from sources onto textures, and then it assigns each texture its light value so the game engine does not have to ray trace light while you are playing. RAD requires a lot of RAM (128M+) and a lot of CPU/coprocessor and often a lot of time. Large maps and extra lights types square the time required to run.
A fixed size RAM disk that survives a warm reboot.
QRAD is id's official .map editing utility that lights the final .bsp file using radiosity lighting. formerly known as 'light' in Quake I
Radiogram ADIATOR -- Kanaga Island, Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands
Rules for Archival Description endorsed by the Canadian Council of Archives. These are standard rules for Canadian archives
Rules for Archival Description (Bureau of Canadian Archivists). Rules for describing archival collections in all formats, including moving images, maps, photographs, electronic records, sound recordings, and textual materials. Based on the premise that description should occur on multiple levels (fonds, series, file, and item).
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imp. & p. p. of Read, Rede.
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Wild, Insane, Crazy.
The merger of various structured techniques with prototyping techniques and joint application development techniques to accelerate systems development.
A concept of developing products designed to give a much faster rollout and higher quality results than traditionally has been the case.
The development of computer systems to tight timescales which would not be achieved using traditional methods of development.
The very best.
Rad is a comic book supervillain. Although her origins go back to the 1940s, she is best known as a central character in the current Femforce comic published by A.C. Comics.
adjective An overused term which can mean many things, but is originally derived from the word radical, which simply put, means the extreme. In early interviews with the first pro skaters, radical was a big word, and it has come to mean just about anything (usually) good. Synonymous with cool.
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refresh rate ROFL
Rapid development And Deployment
Rapid Application Development
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Relay Drop Box Riffle
Resource Access Decision. The CORBAmed standard framework for application-level security policies.
short for radical. An extreme compliment in the climbing world.
A report listing provider claims that have been paid for a particular payment period. The RAD is used by providers to reconcile their records with claims that have been paid, denied or suspended.
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record release dates RFC ROS
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Remember Radio (1993)
Rad is the name of two fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
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Prefix indicating roots.
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Residential Aid Discount
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abbreviation for radian
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Remote Analysis Device
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A programming tool.
Is the Receiver-Authorized Delivery service.
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Required Availability Date