Definitions for "Authorized"
An individual who has been formally recognized as trained to an adequate level of safety in a combat or combat related activity.
to be formally recognized as adequately trained to a minimum level of safety for participation in an SCA combat or combat-related activity.  All participants, even the water bearers, must be authorized before each combat event by Marshals.
On a Marywood University records retention schedule, the date upon which a University administrator signed the schedule, officially authorizing its implementation as a University policy. Authorized Signature On a Marywood University records retention schedule, the signature of a Marywood University vice president or the Secretary of the University, granting the schedule the authority of a legal document.
Appointed by a duly constituted administrative or regulatory authority. eams Structural steel shapes usually of W or S configuration used to support loads.
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Sanctioned by authority.
Until recently, a form of state recognition of schools in California. This category was phased out beginning in 1990, and now all schools must be approved or accredited to operate. Many formerly authorized schools are now billing themselves as candidates for approval.
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Possessed of or endowed with authority; as, an authorized agent.
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1/4µÄ behave
A system entity or actor is "authorized" if it is granted a right or a permission or a capability to access a system resource.
Given the authority to act in the referenced manner by the responsible management.
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written with the subject's consent.
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Date the exception is entered.