Definitions for "Entity"
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From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) as in XML
A predefined element that you place in a drawing by means of a single command. A single piece of geometry or text.
In SGML, a named part of a marked up document. An entity can be used for a string of characters or a whole file of text. Special characters (like "Ê") are normally represented by entities (like "Ê") in SGML.
A real being, whether in thought (as an ideal conception) or in fact; being; essence; existence.
A person, place or thing. Includes the attributes that provide additional information about the person, place or thing.
A single object about which data can be stored.
A general term for any institution, company, corporation, partnership, government agency, university or any other organization which is distinguished from individuals. (
An organization such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, estate, or trust that has legal existence and can sue or be sued.
a body corporate, a trust, a partnership, a fund or an unincorporated organization
A human, animal, or nonhuman spirit.
being; spirits are often referred to as entities
A being, spirit, living creature or personification.
entity: an incarnated or discarnate soul or Son or Daughter of God in the process of Spiritual evolution.
In this book, usually refers to a "spiritual family" of about one thousand souls. Michael is the name of one entity. Entity is also used as in "channeled entity," meaning a channeled consciousness of any kind, but generally a discarnate astral plane soul.
See spatial entity.
a conceptual element from the application domain, characterized by a set of attributes
a spatial phenomenon of a defined type that has at least one key attribute value different from the corresponding attribute values of surrounding phenomena
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in business, is a separate or self-contained existence that provides goods or services.
Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit
A separate existence or being, most commonly referring to a corporation or other form of business, rather than an individual.
a wellknown construct in conceptual data modeling
This is a term used to refer to specific geometric objects. Most all CAD programs use entities as their basic unit of definition. For this program, the basic entities are: point, curve (includes polylines and combination curve and lines), and surfaces.
a CAD model consists of lines, circles, points, surfaces, and so on. All may be called drawing entities, providing a convenient term to refer to any piece of a model without specifying its character. Sometimes called an element.
a set (or equivalence class) of tasks having the same order of hierarchical complexity
a value, object, subobject, base class subobject, array element, variable, function, instance of a function, enumerator, type, class member, template, or namespace
a variable, class, package, member of an enumeration, function, char type, function type, integer type, matrix type, queue type, rational type, relation type, stack type, tuple type or variant type
An item selected in the Instance Selector. Selected items are highlighted in the list box. An entity can be a buffer pool, DDF location or application group. An item selected in the I/O Selector. Selected items appear in the right-hand list box. An entity can be a device, a string, an LCU, a Storage Group, or a user defined group.
A set of functions invoked by a given layer for an instance of intersystems communications in which that system is involved. An entity may be partitioned into several sub-entities. For each instance of intersystems communications, the set of functions invoked will be a part of all the functional capability of the given system within the layer in accordance with the functionality required for that instance of inter-system communication.
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In the DCE Cell Directory Service (CDS), any manageable element through the CDS namespace. Manageable elements include directories, object entries, servers, replicas, and clerks. For DCE Distributed Time Service, see DTS entity. In OSI, the representation of a layer on a given open system.
OSI terminology for a layer protocol machine. An entity within a layer performs the functions of the layer within a single computer system, accessing the layer entity below and providing services to the layer entity above at local service access points.
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The basic unit upon which accounting and/or financial reporting activities are focused.
1)The basic unit upon which accounting and/or f inancial reporting activities focus. The basic government legal and accounting entity is the individual fund and account group. 2)That combination of funds and account groups that constitutes the reporting entity for financial reporting purposes and alone may issue CAFR's and CPFS.
any private individual or legal entity; a natural person, including subjects of entrepreneurial activity, a legal entity of any type of ownership, representation of a non-resident of Ukraine
a fancy term for a symbol
a representation of the way an individual in the world is referred to using aliases
One of the two states that comprise the BiH. The Federation and the Republka Srpska are the two entities that comprise the BiH.
From Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 ( 1999-06-15) The information transferred as the payload of a request or response. An entity consists of metainformation in the form of entity-header fields and content in the form of an entity-body, as described in section 7.
a covered employment agency if it regularly procures employees for at least one covered employer, whether or not it receives compensation for those services
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
a government agency for purposes of this provision only if, under the law, it is treated as a government agency for other purposes
an agency if the government is involved in and/or has authority over decisions affecting its ongoing, daily operations
The term used to apply to each or any of the Victorian Government departments and agencies that are wholly or partly funded through the State budget and accountable to the Parliament.
an independent file that is used to include external information.
(n.) the term used for any of the following: a program unit procedure; an operator; an interface block common block; an external unit statement function type named variable; an expression component of a structure named constant statement label construct; or a NAMELIST group.
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a real world phenomenon
Geographic feature that exists and is distinguishable in the real world. For example, a land parcel, road, building, manhole, or pole.
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an actor in the UML sense
A process that the HAM will monitor. Entities can explicitly ask to be monitored (i.e. as self-attached entities), or they may be monitored without ever realizing it.
a reference to data that is used for content reuse and document size minimization
a specific region of an image along with any associated textual content
A named fragment of document content that is stored separately from other fragments and can be included in a document one or more times by reference to its name.
A user, group or resource defined to RACF.
An agency, organization, association, group, or institution.
An alternative method of grouping merchants or chains.
Sends Entity MIB modification notifications.
a bit of code that will be replaced with a single piece of information, such as the store name, or the background color from the navigation bar
a bit of text that will be replaced with a single piece of information, like the store name, or the same color as the category tree background
a store or persistence mechanism that captures the information or knowledge in a system
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a subtype if, and only if, it contains a subtype clause
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includes city, county, state, federal, private, non-profit organizations and academia.
an A-Select aware application or a remote A-Select Server
a natural, artificial, real, corporate, or otherwise self-aware individual
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a vertex in a generalized graph
A person or legally recognized organization.
A person (physical, imaginary, or otherwise) or a process.
means an organisation that has a legal identity. In the context of the Charities Act, entity means the trustees of a trust, an incorporated society, a company, an institution or any other group of people who act together. There is no need for the entity to have a formal or legal personality but it will need to have some rules that govern what it does in order to be registered.
a consistent packet of information, that is a item that contains no contradiction in itself and can be named or denoted in an information process
a short cut to a set of information
The information transferred in a request or response.
Protocol Entity An SNMP-conversant process, operating in either and agent role or in a manager role, or both, which performs network management operations by generating and/or responding to SNMP protocol messages.
A unit of economic activity about which financial information is required.
a Being or a part of a Being (his energies, attention units or whatever, but there is a line to the Being)
a collection of related characteristics that you need to maintain and use as a unit
a business organized according to state law to limit the liability of the owners
a person, organization, program, computer, business, bank, or something else you are trusting to some degree
An organization representing a specific group of people or business interests and can be a school, school district, library, library system, consortium, or service provider.
a component of a system if it participates with other entities in the realisation of the relations of composition (organisation) of that system
an actual element of the database schema
Something about which information is stored in a database.
Entity is used in database modeling. In relational databases, it typically maps to a table.
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a relational data construct that contains any number of Fields and can be related to other entities
a data source, SAS/SHARE server, or server library as specified in a data source definition.
a table or relation containing a data set
A table or a group of tables. In Banner documentation, the term "entity" is often used interchangeably with table.
a file (table)
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a layout element that is "known" to the program by its form (segment, arc
an individual element of the system
includes an undertaking to which interests in a managed investment scheme registered under the Act relates.
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an hierarchy of components
Generally, an individual, manageable network device. Sometimes called an alias.
a company or a governmental association
a container for state variables
a variable with a name and a value which may be used within the templates of a document set
a naturally occurring substance, an artificial or manufactured material or product, a chemical substance, or a biological organism
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a unique type of matter cluster, within a given universe, that generates a special kind of force
a software agent if and only if it communicates correctly in an agent communication language
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a fact of being
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an abbreviation
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a short hand way of referring to another manual or guide
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an individual piece of God
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Same as whole, viewed in its own order.
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a single HTTP request or response
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The legal form under which property is owned.
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a set of connected parts