Definitions for "constraint "
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Restriction (See Asset Constraint).
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) informal term for discussing the effect of a restriction
A logical formula or informal text stating something that must be true and written inside curly braces | one of a small number of words indicating a logical constraint - for example "complete" or frozen. [ uml.gen.gif ] [ uml.dynamic.gif
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There is INTEGRITY CONSTRAINTS on database.Types of integrity constraints are: (1) Non-null (2) Key (3) Referential integrity (4) Attribute-based (5) Tuple-based (6) General assertions Example schema: Student(ID, name, address, GPA, SAT) Campus(location, enrollment, rank) Apply(ID, location, date, major, decision) Example constraints:- A student with GPA 3.0 can only apply to campuses with rank 4.- All applications with date 1/1/01 have non-NULL decision.- Apply.ID and Apply.location appear in Student.ID and Campus.location, respectively.- Campus.rank 10.
Constraints are rules applied to a theme. The Scenario evaluates the features ofthe theme based on the rule and informs the user when a feature or features breaksit. A typical Constraint would be that buildings can only be constructed on slopesless than a certain value. If, in the course of laying out a new subdivision, theuser places a building on a steep slope, then Scenario Constructor will display awarning. The user can heed the warning and change the position of the building orleave it where it is. Constraints do not have to be followed.
A rule applied to a table or column that restricts the data allowed in any row in the table.
The actual cause of the bottleneck. Usually a necessary skill or piece of equipment
a bottleneck, delay or a barrier to our full potential
See  bottleneck.
In requirements engineering, a constraint refers to some limitation in the conditions under which the system should operate, and/or on the way in which the system is to be developed or on the systems engineering process.
A limit to the design process caused by such things as appearance, funding, space, materials, and human capabilities.
A limitation of any kind to be considered in planning, programming, scheduling, implementing, or evaluating programs.
a condition that every implementation of the design must satisfy
a condition that must be satisfied in order for the design to be feasible
a declarations on data that the data of the Actor and Target of an Operator have to satisfy
a Boolean expression describing some property of a field
a Boolean expression over one or several elements which must always be true
an expression that must always evaluate to true
a statement that describes some feature of your (committed) data
(n) A mathematical requirement placed on geometric elements in a 3-D model. Dimensional constraints define the distance between two geometric elements while geometric constraints define a relationship such as parallelism or perpendicularity between elements. The operator establishes an explicit constraint while the software automatically places an implicit constraint. A fully constrained feature has all of its geometry unequivocally defined while an underconstrained feature does not. An overconstrained feature has conflicting geometric requirements.
A relationship between a set of objects, where making a change to one object affects another object in the set.
a functional relationship between objects, classes, attributes, links, and associations; a statement about some condition or relationship that must be maintained as true
a condition that determines what values an attribute or relationship can or must have
a legal subset of the cross-product of the domains of a certain number of variables
a logical relation among several unknowns (or variable), each taking a value in a given domain
a mathematical representation in a mathematical programming problem of some situational factors that must be taken into consideration when an attempt is made to optimize a value function with respect to its key variables
This term usually refers to the placement of a caveat on the search algorithm, so that it never examines trees that are pre-specified by the user as being unwanted or unlikely. Constraint analysis is often used to speed-up the search through tree-space. If a search is constrained so that it does not look at improbable relationships (and therefore does not evaluate these topologies), then it might proceed much more quickly. On the other hand, constraint analysis might proceed by only finding those trees that are incompatible with the constraint tree (reverse constraint analysis). The latter analysis is used in order to place Decay Indices on the internal branches of a tree.
Any external, management, or other factor that may confine an organization from meeting its goals or objectives.
Any element or factor that prevents a system from achieving a higher level of performance relative to its goal. Constraints can be physical/logistical, managerial/procedural or behavioral/psychological.
Any element or factor that prevents a person from reaching a higher lever of performance with respect to her goal.
The act of constraining, or the state of being constrained; that which compels to, or restrains from, action; compulsion; restraint; necessity.
the state of being physically constrained; "dogs should be kept under restraint"
a device that retards something's motion; "the car did not have proper restraints fitted"
The constraint package is a constraint satisfaction problem solver written in Python using constraint propagation algorithms. So far, classes are provided to work on finite set domains.
Constraints for molecular mechanics calculations add restoring forces to selected atoms. Constraints apply to atomic position (tethering), atomic distances, bond angles and torsion angles. Constraints for the model builder fix values of structural entities when an approximate 3D structure is being built.
a way of describing a region of space for use with the Grid Model
a specialized method which will be automatically re-run by the COSI infrastructure whenever any of its input values change
a statement, generally less precise than a specification, of prohibitions or boundaries, such as minimal pollution or cost not exceeding a certain value
an invariant on the disk layout that a heuristic considers important
a rstorder formula built on a signature
A requirement for which the design decisions are prespecified.
a systematic writing technique or overt formal structure
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Alias used for House
a set of scheduling parameters that include earliest start time, deadline, execution time estimate, and criticality
a circle transformed to the correct position on the sphere
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the act of constraining; the threat or use of force to control the thoughts or behavior of others
Responses to an adverse environment during development may be adaptive, helping a plant or animal to survive, or may simply be the result of constraint.
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A constraint occurs when a transmission line (or lines) reaches its maximum carrying capacity. When this occurs, the regions on either side of the constraint are considered ‘islandsâ€(tm) in price terms. One ‘islandâ€(tm) cannot supply any more electricity to the other, meaning demand has to be met by local generation plant.
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context context-free context-sensitive
Preferred method of enforcing data integrity.
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See viewing constraint.
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a relation over some domain D