Definitions for "Heuristic"
Serving to promote discovery or learning; -- used especially of thories or paradigms which stimulate new ideas for discovering facts in experimental sciences.
Serving to stimulate people to learn and discover on their own, especially by encouraging experimental and trial-and-error methods for solving problems.
Pertaining to or based on trial-and-error and experimental methods of learning and evaluation.
A heuristic method; a specific heuristic procedure.
This is a technique for assessing the probability that a file contains a computer virus.
Most leading packages have a heuristic scanning method to detect new or previously undetected viruses in the wild. Heuristic scanners look for patterns or activities that are virus like, changes in file sizes, etc. The disadvantage of a heuristic scan is that it will often result in a fair number of false alarms or flags.
a mental shortcut or stereotype we use to simplify calculations and speed up decision making
a self-educating technique using feedback to improve performance
a technique that doesn't always work, but is likely to work most of the time
a technique that improves the efficiency of a search process, possibly by sacrificing claims of completeness
a carefully constructed mnemonic designed to assist the memory
a way of directing your attention fruitfully
a way of trying to discover something or an idea imbedded in a program
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of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation
a set of questions that guides one's attention to certain aspects of a piece of writing (e
a function that assigns a score to a particular search state
a particular traversal order of the search space which explores promising areas first
A type of analysis in which the next step is determined by the results of the current step of analysis.
the mode of analysis in which the next step is determined by the results of the current step of analysis.
not something that is true, but something that works (i.e. device). Practical truth, value put aside
a function that associates a value with a node to gauge it
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an approach that helps to find an answer