Definitions for "Testing"
The act of testing or proving; trial; proof.
See Usability Testing.
a bit like the modern-day chastity belt, it's another way for men to control women's sexuality and guarantee biological paternity in a way that they might once have done through the chastity belt
(IEEE) (1) The process of operating a system or component under specified conditions, observing or recording the results, and making an evaluation of some aspect of the system or component. (2) The process of analyzing a software item to detect the differences between existing and required conditions, i.e. bugs, and to evaluate the features of the software items. See: dynamic analysis, static analysis, software engineering.
The evaluation of alternatives, offers, lists, timing, and media and response mechanisms to establish which aspect of a campaign works best for a specific product or service prior to implementation.
Running infomercials or spots on a limited basis prior to national rollout to evaluate the appeal of the product, the offer, the show content or the media strategy.
That element of inspection that determines the properties or element s, including function al operation of supplies or their components, by the application of established scientific principle s and procedure [D02028] FAR 46.101 QMPP
A standardized procedure of measurement
The application of specific procedures to determine if work has been completed in the prescribed manner and at the required levels of workmanship. See Also: Non-conforming Work
a fool-proof method of establishing Native American heritage for genealogy and legal rights
an incredible new area for genealogy
an invasive technology with a cotton swab inserted into the mouth the most common method of obtaining a sample
a non-invasive means of identifying the sub-species of a tiger
a reasonable alternative for those individuals who may be unwilling or unable to undergo an invasive procedure
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a supplement to careful documentary research, not a substitute for it
a useful option when documentary evidence of a claimed biological relationship is unreliable or is unavailable
a great way to get past brick walls, to verify oral traditions like crypto-Judaic family roots or to explore Native American ancestry and tribal affiliation, says Yates, a classics
a great way to give yourself peace of mind
a way of fingerprinting the whole body, if I may describe it that way
a fairly new, but rapidly growing technology
a fairly simple serological procedure, as compared to DNA analysis
an attempt through comparing DNA from multiple sources as to whether or not we in fact have traced the animal back to the appropriate source
Any questions, written or verbal, by which teachers find out what has been learned. Attainment targets established for National Curriculum subjects have testing carried out at 7, 11, 14, and 16.
the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned
an application-of-law-to-fact question that does not turn on credibility and demeanor and is therefore reviewed de novo
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a stealth tax on rapists
a viable strategy for clarifying ASCUS cytology
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See hydrostatic retesting.
a new, noninvasive method of colorectal cancer screening
a screening test
a useful screen for SLE
a lengthy and expensive process, but one which is often paid for by the police department or prosecutor's office
a matter concerning the police
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a more sensitive test than HBeAg (above) for detecting HBV in the blood
an effective aid in the detection of small
a safe and effective aid in the detection of prostate disease such as prostate cancer
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an A-grade requirement, a brand-new (and therefore untested) browser does not qualify as an A-grade browser
an iteration behind you can't really take credit for finishing the work and you bear a context switching cost as developers switch between old and new code
A photo shoot in which a photographer is testing some aspect of his/her work, which could be new equipment, a new model, a different lighting concept, etc. Not to be confused with TFP because testing refers to why a shoot is done, and TFP is a compensation agreement. However, a testing shoot may also be done under a TFP agreement.
an examination of the characteristics of something; "there are laboratories for commercial testing"; "it involved testing thousands of children for smallpox"
a serious examination that should not be left in the hands of an amateur
a very serious matter which may affect the rest of your life
When each new well is competed, a series of tests are run on the well. The various tests are used to estimate the daily deliverability, payout, and reserves.
Testing is the fourth episode of the Dilbert animated series. It originally aired on February 22, 1999.
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a much cheaper
an article from the Social Sciences category
a technique to distinguish between
a technique with a very high degree of accuracy
NDOC differentiates between three levels of testing:  unit testing, where developers with support from functional staff will test the performance of a module, interface or modification; system test, where developers with support from functional staff test a new module, interface, or modification in operation with the full system; and integration acceptance testing, where end users with support from developers will test the system including all operational modules, interfaces and modifications using actual business updates and transactions.  A complete version of CORS will be integration acceptance tested by NDOC staff with vendor support prior to approval for implementation.
One or more test cases to validate a related collection of features or processes in a product.
The physical or menta effects that a first test has on the subject's performance on subsequent identical tests. A threat to internal validity
a significant portion of the project timeline and human energy invested in the product
Preliminary mailing or distribution intended as a preview or pilot before a major campaign. Test mailings are used to determine probable acceptance of a product or service and are usually made to specially selected lists.
A process of planning, preparing, executing and analyzing, aimed at establishing the characteristics of an information system, and demonstrating the difference between the actual status and the required status.
a continuos process
is the process of verifying the function of a trained network against a set of examples which is different from the training examples set.
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an RNA amplification assay
an extremely competitive field, DNAPrint is trying to differentiate itself by setting higher standards
Trying out your HTML document to make sure that it works as it should. See Part IX.
an extremely important issue in your life
an important to several high-profile criminal cases happening in the Omaha metro area right now
Ensuring that the right things are done right at the right time.
a curious thing
a good thing, and manufacturers should do more of it
a holding, rather than a mere expression of opinion in dicta
a rapid and easily performed method of diagnosis that is based on genus-specific antibodies
Conducting an examination, trial or proof, often for the purpose of achieving a score, rating, or diagnosis.
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a challenge for the labs
The operation of refining gold or silver in a test, or cupel; cupellation.
a household name in each market," said Miller, commenting on this transaction
Determination, whether a test object (e.g.: tube) has the required features, i.e. fulfills one or several agreed, determined or expected conditions (e.g.: predetermined error limits, tolerance, etc.). Testing can take place subjectively by sensory perception (visual inspection) or objectively with measuring or test devices and take place at each individual component (test by the piece) or on a random basis.
an approved Japanese Vehicle Inspection Association
a welcome doorway in which they can find their place in the world
investigating a product or material to find out how it performs in use
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See Adhesive testing or Sealant testing .
a sensitive method of monitoring dietary compliance
a valuable method of comparing and/or identifying individuals
the activity consisting of the cohesive collection of all tasks that are primarily performed to execute work products (e.g., model, software, and application) in order to cause failures so that the underlying defects may be identified, eliminated, and avoided in the future.
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a win-win for everyone
See beta testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing.
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a extremely powerful technique , and can generate highly informative
a highly complex, multi-step process
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an example of an effort to provide guidance
a comparison test, and you must have some idea of who the person is in order to carry out a matching process
a major factor in matching
a Dynamic Quality Team comprised of experts in various technical and professional fields
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a real success story," she said
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test entry, please remove me! Keyword(s): testing123
a "reasonable administrative search
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a for profit organization
a free preventative health benefit
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Single measure of knowledge, behavior or other value.
to test